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New Family
Now got 2 brothers and 1 darling,
so happy,
like a family now.
Really love my darling and
my 2 brothers! :D
Haha xD
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And so...

And so... everything that could seem like the end of the world happened,
the first was solved, and another 1 appeared.
Parents, can be so cruel.
Because of that, they plan to disown their child.
I... don't know what to say.
I'm so useless, there's nothing I could do,
when I was down, you cheered me up,
you became my buddy,
we shared stuff,
and made me think that, this world isn't that cruel after all.
But right now, I can't do anything...
I had no way...to cheer you up,
I can't ease your pain,
I'm sorry.
If there's anything I could do to help,
I will.

We might have just met for only 2days, but that's
what buddies are for.
I might not be able to help you, but I want you to know, we
are worried of you, and we will support you,
no matter what happens, where we are,
buddies are buddies. Correct?
Take our word for it :D

Lots of love from WaiWai, VanVan and RayRay.
We genuinely care for you.

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New Good Buddy
So something expected but also unexpected happened this morning
and it involved three of us.
That's when I started to open up to him,
and he opened up to me as well :D
We were both sad and confused,
but we cheered each other up the whole morning,
busy chatting on our personal views on many stuffs,
from food to se... uhh yeah.
It was surprisingly scary to know that
we have so much in common
and that we always ask the SAME
question at the SAME time!
Not once, but really many times!
Haha, and he's such a smart guy too,
not to mention funny :D
Also a very nice guy to boast!!
Really enjoyed chatting with him for more than 4 hours till 4 am,
I thought I was going to be even more emo
but seems like I was so busy chatting and laughing with him
that I forgotten what happened LOL.
We started off by talking nonsense, and then we talked about
serious stuff and then back to more nonsense,
and before we realize, we are good buddies already :D

However, after we parted ways, I just couldn't sleep still....
I stayed up and cried the whole morning till 8 am...
That's kinda pathetic of me isn't it, after being cheered up so much.
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This MV really makes me think of you...
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On Friday, I went to Evan's house. Went there to teach him science.
While teaching, Yellow Thing suddenly decided to come as well. Weee...the more the merrier.
While I was playing the PS2 and teaching Evan at the same time, Yellow Thing was playing a new online game called SUN ONLINE [Soul of Ultimate Nation]. Quite a fun game xD
Then at night, at about 9 - 10.30 PM, we spent our time watching TV.
Really enjoyed myself watching TV with both of you ^^
Then! We decided to go yum cha. We walked for about 30 minutes to ss 15 while bullshitting on the way.
This is where the horror began! The ground were full of cockroaches.
As in... many many many many many of them.
It was like hell, every step I have to be very careful as not to step on them or let them crawl on me. Furthermore, I saw the wall of the longkang lol! Crawling with over 9000! cockroaches.
WTF man! Damn scary. They could cause the heads of 10 elephants to explode if they were thrown there! Serious SHIT.
Then suddenly, we passed by some lap sap. Yellow Thing told me that there's a rat in it. I did not really bother because I ain't afraid of rats. But suddenly, out of nowhere, out of the blue/orange green and yellow a rat jumped on me. WTF.... I moved so fast that I spoiled to slipper. Great, Yellow Thing >.<>
Then like orang cacat, we finally go yum cha.
From that day on he kept calling me slipper man. LOL!
Was scary but I really enjoyed that day :)
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Pink Alligator

There was once a pink alligator in a forest.
Because of it's pink colour, it is easily seen by it's prey and this gives them enough time to run.
Nobody likes him, because of it's colour. It's weird and abnormal.
That's why, he's always hungry and sad.
One day a bird landed on his back. The bird could not fly.
The bird would then usually practise flying and sing while the pink alligator would listen happily.
They then became good friends and hang out everyday.
One day...the pink alligator was really hungry, so much that it made him dizzy.
He accidentally ate the bird which was sleeping in his mouth.
Upon realizing his mistake, he promptly drank swamp water to regurgitate the bird out.
He managed to do so.... but the bird is already dead.
It was too late....
The pink alligator, sworn not to ever eat again....dying alone in the forest...
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Making sentences using colours
when the phone ring 'green green'
*i 'pink' up the phone
*and say 'yellow?'
*'blue' is this?
*u dun 'purple-ly' call me
*if not
*i wont call u 'black'

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Love and Altruism
Many would say, I love you and I want to always be by your side.
But many do not fully understand what love is.
That, includes me. I always thought, that when you love someone, you want
him/her by your side everyday, you want to care for him/her, you want to talk to him/her.
But, that's not true. What true love is, to give, and never to take.
To love is to be able to live without him/her by your side, yet still care for him/her
even if the other does not know it.
I really hope, that we will be able to know each other like the back of our hands.
I want to share my life with the person I love, I want them to share their life with me as well.
But no matter how it winded up, to love is to give.
I will give you, whatever I could, whatever you ask for
but I will not expect anything in return.
I love you and I want to give,
for you to love and give,
I will leave it on your hands.
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我还记得,我们是 20/11/2009 见面的。在我学校附近。
一点左右,老师给我们同学看电影。Title : Evan Almighty

接下来,六点多,J就到了。我们四个【我,你,J,M】 一起去Sunway Pyramid。

到了那边,我们在 Burger King 吃晚餐。很高心,我们谈了很多东东,但是我没有那么专心吃东西,因为一直望着你。很可爱。很想吃掉你。哈哈开玩笑。

无端端,看见一个好像很好玩的游戏。Fate Stay Night。

看了一半,我就在你的掌上写,‘我爱你’。 那时候我不知道,你明不明白我写什么, 不过你很快就回答我。很开心。真的很爱你。

然后,到了你的家,过夜了一晚。很多,回忆。很想你。希望你,考试,会考到很好。我相信,你一定可以成功。对你有信心。 ^^
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Beloved Lecturers
Finally got the mood to update my blog after enduring such an arduous journey of SAM.
Let's start with our class mentor Ms. Prem!
What can I say? She's our mentor. She's always funny and dedicated. She teaches ESL xD.
From time to to time she would be kind enough to let us do our things, and she
seems to understand our level of stress very well. Furthermore, she understands that
we have 4 other subjects which are GG-fying and that we practice more on them, however, from
time to time, she still warn us not to neglect ESL although it is the least important
subject for most of us :) She even let us home early! xD
More pictures to go!
She's cute isn't she?

Next up, we shall introduce E1's Mathematical Studies Teacher, Mr James Stephen.

He claims to be new to SAM and this is his first year teaching
Mathematical Studies. But, he teaches really well! He even had
so many extra classes for us so that we can score in our exams
better. I remember once during April Fool Day, he was
so hilarious. Well, he almost made some girls cried, but FOR T3H LuLZ!!
Okay here's what happened.
Mr James came into the class and said :
Class, I just had a meeting with the mathematical department,
and we have decided to give you all a small test. Don't worry,
this will not be in the internals, it will just be used to
analyse and see your level in mathematics. Now, all of you,
please keep all your notes and take out your calculators or we couldn't start, can we?

Everyone panicked, some were really scared and some were really nervous.
Some were even praying to their Gods to let them do well.
And when everyone said, we are ready......
Mr James said.....
April Fool!!!
Oh my God WTF how the heck could you trick us with such a straight face! PRO!!!

Another funny scene, is when Michael Jackson died. Haha...he said, eh you all, don't
talk about Michael Jackson already la, I wanna cry already le.
Hilarious! Oh, did I mention he really like Madonna too? xD
So that basically summarises him.

Now it's time to introduce Mr Yong!
Mr Yong Foo Seng, another funny teacher! Claimed himself to be short and nice :)
We call him Mr Mario because he looks like one, and is further reinforced
when he jumps from the table! Hahaha.
Oh right, before I forget, he teaches Physics. He never give printed notes,
everything were copied from the whiteboard and usually after finishing one chapter or a section,
he would say Good, we have covered a lot today, we should continue the next chapter
tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow :)
And bang bang bang, he disappears in a split second. Haha, that's what makes him sooo
special and funny. Some would say it's cute. =)
That should be all about him (which I can think of). *grins*

Okay! Now shall we present Ms Isabel on to the stage?!
Ms Isabel Yee. She teaches Chemistry. Her classes were always FUN!
She's very funny, nice, and bubbly. In addition, she's also caring
and sweet. I'm not so sure how old is she now (25<29)
Too bad for those that wants her!
Haha, that aside, she graduates from National University of Singapore,
wow. And her mother works as a professor, wow!
She used to teach biotechnology in Singapore, so she really gave me lots of
precious advice.
On the other hand, Ms Isabel is actually super duper smart, she received a scholarship to
further her studies in research, in short, masters scholarship!
Real smart isn't she? However, because her top priority is God, followed by family,
she rejected the scholarship and followed her husband to Malaysia. Well, many people
would say very sayang, very wasted, very sad, but she gets to be with
her family everyday happily, I wouldn't say that's sad! However, if she would to
take her masters, I think she would be close or even a professor by now. Hehe...
professor Yee. Wo0t.
Although she had the potential to be a PhD holder, her passion towards
teaching greatly overweights her passion towards research! That's why, she's
just plain awesome.
On the last day of college, she gave the class a letter.
She said, we are the BEST CLASS ever she had ever taught, even better than E5 because they are so noisy! Haha!
Love you teacher!

Lastly, I shall introduce Ms Cheang, E1's BIOLOGY teacher.
Ms Cheang took her Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. Then, she pursue
her studies in Masters in Molecular Biology. She's still, single! That's what she claimed la. haha.
Ms Cheang Cheang Chang Chang Cang~~ is what we sometimes call her
to tease her. Haha. I remembered once during biology lab session,
we called her teacher teacher teacher. She did not reply.
So instead, we called her cher cher cher cher! Then she replied, haiyo! what cher cher.
Call properly la. Dent dent dent, you all can come in now.
LOL that was really funny!
There was once in the biology lab, where she was really really funny too!
We were discussing on dung beetles. Yeap, beetles that eat shit.
So we asked, what in the world are dung beetles.
So Ms Cheang went and explained :
Dung beetles are beetles that feed on faeces. They are also sometimes called
depressing beetles. Why are they called depressing beetles? Because they
always stuck in the shit, so they very depressed.

Everyone looked at her with serious faces, listening to her explanation with great enthusiasm.

Then she said,
Oi, I joking only you know.

LOL!!! Then everybody started to laugh like retards. Hahaha.
Never expected her to pull out a joke like this! She's usually very serious!

1 more 1 more! There was once when she was wearing a really beautiful flowery shirt.
So we asked her. Teacher, why today you wear until so flowery one? Go out Pak To ah?
Then she replied :
No lah. No pak to. Sometimes must wear nice nice to surprise and scare the students one ma!

ROFL. Damn funny also.
Haha k la, I damn syiok sendiri now.

That aside, she's actually a very strict teacher. Very serious also.
Sometimes even scold the whole class kau kau.
Last time, I don't really like her. But after two months,
I really liked her. She's a very good and dedicated teacher.
She's just strict because it's for our own good.
I'm sure E1 really loves her too, right? :)
However, she can be really really funny at times, and she's actually
the funniest teacher of all!
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Still got hope
Okay! Today, 9/11/2009,
A ray of hope finally fell on me!
I might still be able to get TER 90+
despite how horrible I did for mathematical studies
and also physics!
It all depends on the FINAL PAPER, Chemistry!
If I do well in Chemistry,
Then it's not too impossible to achieve it!
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In regards to KK 5/10/2009

Shifted due to privacy and confidentiality =)

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SACE Mathematical Studies 2009,
7 am - 10.10 am,

I opened the paper, immediately I know something is wrong.
It's out of trend.
It's completely unlike 2003-2008.
It's...so similar...to 2006.
That's when my nightmare started. It's something like this!
I've practised so much, from 2003 papers to 2008 papers,
preliminaries from St Peters college and Taylor's past years mock exam, scoring on an average of 70-75,
probably totalling up to 36hours. I studied real hard for maths... yet, why when I opened the paper, I can't do almost half the
paper? It's so horrifying, so many questions left unanswered, completely blank, hanged, unfinished. It's even freaking harder than trials. That made me so depressed!
But, some of my friends stated that, it wasn't hard, it was easier than trials, it was decent, it was fine. What the heck?? That, pushed me down, straight into the pits of obscene depression. How could you say something like that, something, as atrocious and malevolent like that, as fine and ok and decent and doable?
Am I that stupid that I cannot comprehend the language of the paper, or is the paper's language too difficult, cause I have no fucking idea what they are trying to ask.

Nevertheless, it's over. I'm just not intelligent enough to solve mathematical questions despite all the practice I've done. Simple proving on why the matrix had no solutions, I cannot even show. A straightforward question to dy/dx a given equation, I stared at it and spaced out completely. Simple questions, asking to write few linear equations, and I couldn't even land a drop of ink on the space provided. Oh well, bye bye TER. Bye bye forecast results. 4A1B? Nah, I'd be lucky to get 2A 1B 2C.

Any last words? Hmmm....screw you ssabsa!
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Quote from lowyat.net
"Well. It depends, based on the students results that year. TER is based on the highest marks for 4 subjects + half from the lowest mark.
I think 17, 17, 16, 16, 15 is safe for TER 92 ( A A B B B)
TER 91 is about ( A B B B C)
5 17A is around 95 oredi.

Another one
"I asked my friend. She got AAABB and that accounts her to 91.90. 17 17 17 16 14, according to her"

So by getting 2 low A and 3 high B, TER 92 isn't that hard to achieve.

I did chemistry and biology today. My marks are averagely 80-84. Hopefully I do better in exams, and my marks get scaled up! And please don't ask so many funny questions! I want to get 19 and 18 respectively, if possible.

Maths is just...screwy. My average is about 72-75. Some papers were hard [2006 2004] and some papers were moderately easy [2003 2007 2008]. Hopefully I can get a 77 and get scaled up to 80 or 81 during the finals T_T

English was fine. I'm memorizing Australian addresses now lol! Hopefully I can obtain 81 during the finals.

Physics. LoL. Just, LOL!

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Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer
Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer,
is one of the leading world disease,
that kills of many men.
It happens when semen or seminal fluid
are stagnant in the body and are not released regularly.
We all know that when fluids are not moving and stagnant, they tend to
be the breeding ground of diseases and also micro organisms.
A classic example would be mosquitoes. What happens if you leave stagnant water alone?
Mosquitoes will breed and that's where diseases start to originate.

So, this only happens in MALE though, so girls, don't worry.
There are many ways to actually prevent this,
firstly is by regular masturbation.
I would say, maybe twice a week?
Another effective yet not so commonly practised by people method is prostate massage.
This method absolutely improves the health of the prostate,
besides providing an intense yet fucking pleasurable orgasm.
Well, what's important is the health right, who cares about the pleasure....*rolls eyes*
How can you perform the prostate orgasm?
Firstly, the prostate is accessible by the anus.
You put your finger in, and massage it, till you achieve
nirvanal orgasm.
However, care should be taken, especially your fingernails and ample amount of lubrications.
The details can be found by googling it.

Well, I had listened to many campaigns and preachings on masturbation and sexual plays.
Many pastors would always say, do not masturbate. Do not do this and do that.
Don't they know it will lead to cancer and some dangerous super inflated inflammed large prostate of doom?!
Yes, it's again religion and bla bla bla,
but it's your health.
You decide.

Happy masturbating,
now that you know,
it contributes to your health,
and also prevents cancer.
However, too much of a good thing is always bad.
Don't tfk so much k?
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Natural Process

If you think carefully, life is like a cycle.
What does natural selection do anyway?
It functions to remove those that are not suited to the environment from the gene pool.
People die everyday,
yet babies are borned everyday.
Animals which are over numbered are kept in check by diseases and limitations of resources.
It is very normal, for the number to be kept in check.
For example, we humans.
We are so called the k-strategist, however our growth is still exponential.
Look at the graph. After Christ, our population growth became exponential from a stable rate.
It's about 6billion now, but it is shown statistically to be over 100billion in a hundred year or so.
However, that wouldn't be the case.
Scientists predicted that the maximum we can hold is up to 9billion as shown below.

There will be something that will keep us in check.
Food supplies. Water supply. Place to stay.
And of course, the H1N1 and AIDS.

As you can see from the graph above, AIDS helps to reduce the numbers of human population.
The H1N1 is also an extremely effective natural way to remove people from the Earth,
to keep our numbers in check.
It IS necessary for the number of humans to be maintained.
Even when scientists found out on H1N1 as a disease that kills of many,
they weren't surprised at all.
It is expected, that something will regulate our numbers.
This is nature, it's just natural.
Death and birth, are natural.
We get replaced, when we are dead.
We get removed, when the numbers overshoots the carrying capacity.
We replace others, when they are dead.
Let's see death and birth as, something unavoidable.
However, death is not really a bad thing.
At least, you contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and the world :)

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Most disappointed in Biology. Nevertheless, thank you Ms Cheang, Ms Isabel, Mr Yong, Mr James and Ms Prem for believing that I will do well in the finals! I promise I won't disappoint any of you!
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How to have sex without being caught
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What is this feeling I'm experiencing? Feels like jealousy.
I don't know myself.
I read it, and I felt that something just stirred up in my heart.
I can't concentrate in my studies for a moment.
Why did I introduce you to him?
I hate you, hypocrite, pretentious prick.
I just do.
I don't like the way it is now.
I don't like you messing with my friend's life.
Go away...
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Some People
Some people can be outrageously hilarious.
There is this person I know,
who wants to be a doctor.
She does not study nor attend classes regularly,
and also getting rubbish results for her exams.
Except for English, she failed the others.
Seriously, you really sure you want to be a doctor?
Is it just me, or my simple brain is not able to comprehend your obscene stupidity.
Is it sheer stupidity? Or is it sheer naiveness?
I don't know. I just know, you are wasting your time, your parent's money, and their hopes towards you.
Well, I guess, your special most unique trait, is your obscene and sophisticated stupidity.
I have no idea what other words I can utter out of my mouth besides this 1 word. =)
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Physics Presentation

So today, during presentation, I asked Sham, what would happen if a positron collides with an electron. She gave a funny answer, stating some radioactive material will be emitted. Lol. Actually, I'm really sorry that I asked that question. Later she told me that she just made that particular slide on positron in the morning itself, so she did not have time to understand it. So paiseh. I went up to her to apologize. She said it's okay, she did not read up that's why she couldn't answer. Still, I'm sorry I actually asked that. Haha. Really had no intentions to bomb her at all =) So peace again xD Sorry Shaminis hahaha xD

So for the rest, I don't think I asked anything hard. All were answerable. I'll probably just keep my mouth shut for the next few physics day, or I might be de-atomized by the class during my presentation. Haha
I guess I wouldn't say sorry to you. I might as well sing sorry sorry to you haha
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不过,如果你真的没有读书的材料,请不要 'ming keong 自己’
但是,最好是,又会读书又会努力。那就 lagi best 啦。
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Trial Exam Results
First paper was Biology
Comment : I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm really proud of myself this time. I even got higher than the most kiasu person in class. Wow xD

Second paper was Chemistry
Comment : Uhmm...okay. Wasn't too good, but wasn't too bad either. Top 6 in class.

Third paper was Physics
Comment : Bad. But, was way much better than I had expected so, I'm actually rather contended than sad. I passed gracefully.

Fourth paper was English
Comment : Hmmm...I did that bad for English? -.-" Still couldn't believe it.

Final paper was Mathemathics
Comment : So, Yee asked Mr james. How was our class' performance?
Mr James : Oh...horrible, terrible, vegetable. Totally gone.
Class : Wtf? So we all die ledi la ha?
Mr James : Well, you guys are not mentally prepared. Better not give back.
JJ : Kk, just give back only la.
Mr James : Be warned. The failure rate of this class is very very high.
Mr James : Prof X, you passed.
Me : OMG!!!! I PASSED!

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