Exam Results
Haiyo, what's wrong with my mid semester exam results. Study so hard also cannot get good results, I probably need to work EVEN harder. It's always never enough. So far I've gotten back chemistry biology and English.
Chemistry = 91/120 =76%
Biology = 100/135 = 74%
ESL = 50/70 = 71%

So far everything is 70+ 70+.

Chemistry i was so careless, whatever i calculated on my calculator i put a different answer on the answer script >.<>
For Bio...Ms Cheang is so ebuhl, so fussy and so mafan. Everything also can minus marks one, too strict, or maybe I'm just too unspecific.
English...Aih..Sien lan dao. My chinese so lauya already, now my English results also so teruk. From now on i should probably just speak Malay, wouldn't that be better?

Maths. When i asked Mr James,'Hey teacher, how many pass rates in our class?'
Mr James: Oh, so many failures. I won't give back your papers, you all will be depressed.
Shit....that's not good news.
Physisc, needless to say, I need to get at least 55/110 to pass, which is...NOT EASY OK!
Not sure if I can still be a scientist. >.<