My First Post
So yeah, finally I made a blog.I had no idea why I actually made it, it's probably after doing the ESL exercise on blogging. I was told that a blog is a place where i can vent my anger and emotions, and it serves as a healthy form of stress release. So here I am, finally blogging, never expected to actually have my own blog.

So, firstly, today, August first, is a pretty boring day. I had class on a saturday, a replacement class for mathematics. Not very fun, as usual, however I'm glad Mr james actually took the effort and time to teach us on a weekend, and wow he's really casual today.

Today is kind of a boring day. My internet went down the whole day from morning until 6.30 PM. Furthermore, my phone was sent to repair, and I'm forced to use my mum's phone. Not only that, I was really really sleepy the whole day today, I basically did nothing at all besides sleeping, stoning around and rolling around on my bed. Now, finally, I had my internet back, or I wouldn't be writing here wouldn't I? In a nutshell, today is a really depressing and horryfying day. I'm suppose to study for at least 9hours today, that's my normal routine on saturday. But heck, i did not even open my book today. It's all because of stewpid streamyx. It disposed of all my mood on studying.

It's my first post, and I'm already being so long winded. However, to continue, I still have my biology proposal to do. My group basically pushed everything on me, expecting me to finish the whole thing by myself. Wow, that's pretty evil, but nevermind it's not my lost. At least i had finished my chemistry assignment about a month ago, I have plenty of time to do it.

Now, lastly, I've started to play Granado Espada again, just recently. I actually bought my account back using approximately RM 280? Hey, that's not even including the cost for weapons and armors okay. My fighter is finally master level right now, which is, great. Now that's left is my elementalist and my grace. Gosh, i really want my flintlock stance ._.