Streamyx is starting to get very irritating and obnoxious. Since last Saturday, the DSL light had been blinking and blinking like crazy so frequently. For example, yesterday and today, it blinked for 8hours, and it managed to stable down for a few hours only. And now, while I’m actually typing this in Microsoft words, it’s still blinking. While typing this in rage and anger, I’m biting a croissant as my ‘breakfast’. What, it’s only 2.30 PM right now can’t I be eating my breakfast? I woke up quite late at about 1.50 PM for staying up late the other day, editing my chemistry and doing my biology proposal (while facebooking and chatting of course LOL).

So yeah, back to TmNet. I gave a 3rd call to TmNet earlier, complaining why it is still blinking like a dead desperate perverse bitch. All they gave me was, oh did you do a direct connection? Did you off your alarm system so you can get robbed in the middle of the night? And many other irrelevant question. Seriously, those people working in customer service level 1 have no idea on what they are blabbering about. They probably had a paper in front of them, vomiting out words from the paper whenever a customer calls. Now this is Telekom, this is Malaysia! They are just too lazy and undedicated. Forget it, I’m extremely pissed and frog-ed up already. I actually planned to change to P1 Wimax or Izzy, however hearing rumors and insults on these two brands, I decided to think it through twice.