South Australian Matriculation
After spending about 1 hour in front of the computer, I finally managed to finish my biology proposal. Whew, it was kind of hard doing the procedures and finding out what the experiment actually wants. However, due to my witty brain, I actually managed to dig out very useful informational sources to aid me in my completion.

Next week is a horror. Common tests, practical exams, practical write ups, chemistry submission, chemistry proposal as well as biology proposal. Express March intake students for SAM, is what they call it. As the name implies, its fast and accelerated. I'm starting to feel the pressure and stress its putting on me. I've been studying constantly everyday and it's actually my habit to do so, however throwing and dumping everything in a week or two can be traumatic to me. A challenge it may be, but a huge sacrifice is definitely required for this challenge. Not like we have a choice to say no, this challenge is compulsory to all SAM students.

Now why did I actually take SAM? I've heard from friends that it's a crash course. I can get my pre-university cert and fly to Australia in just one year! In addition to the time saving part is of course with the fact that SAM is pretty hectic and 'crazy', let alone march intakes. It wasn't that stressful during the first few months, and I quickly assumed that it will be like this throughout the year. However, that's a huge misunderstanding and misconception. It's getting crazier by the day as it approaches to trials and finals. But after all, it's a challenge, and life is full of challenges. Passing this stage of life will provide and prepare me for the next stage of life. So the conclusion is, although it is difficult and tough, I will strive on and up to now, I did not regret taking SAM at all :)