After Trials Acitivty?
Ok so I was at Taylors College at uhhh...5.15 AM. What the heck am I doing there?
It's so darn early, like a ghost college, seriously.
A Picture Speaks a Thousand words. See that figure right in front at the bottom?
Looks like a clown monster, really freaked me off until
I went closer and found out it was just a poster or something of that sort.

Well after trials, i went to this super leet 5 star hotel restaurant to celebrate my mother's birthday which is....yet to arrive.
At One World Hotel by the way, beside One Utama shopping complex.
We had a great buffet dinner, RM 100+ per head. Great...just great. But the food was exhilaratingly awesome.

Chocolate fountain. With dried apricots, prunes, marshmallows and other stuff.

These fruits are really delicious and fresh. Okay, I lied. I did not try them. I ain't paying RM 100 to eat watermelons.

These foods are enough to make you salivate and drool over your pants, or maybe shirt.

Expensive seafood. Crabs, prawns, abalone slices, salmon fish [ OMG ]
Ikan kerapu, deep fried sotong, deep fried prawns, mussels and clams.
My first round. So what's on my plate? Keropok, mussel, salmon, chicken
Ostrich meat with mushroom gravy, black pepper beef and croquette potato. Super