Best Malaysian Comedy Ever
This malaysian comedy occurs in a classroom in a company. A chinese teacher called Mr Siao was hired to teach the class mandarin.
The students consists of people of different dialects, styles and attitudes. There's a malay, an indian and the rest are chinese people.
Most of them couldn't speak good mandarin, they could only speak their own dialect [Hakka, cantonese, malay, tamil and english].
At first, the students were reluctant to attend Mr siao's class, causing Mr siao to be sad and discouraged.
However, as the show progress, the teamwork between students and the teacher greatly improved.
Even "phoenix" and "shark" became friends in the end.
This show is not only on comedy! It has love, romance, comedy, sadness and it is educational as well![Although I have to admit its extremely funny]
The end of the show was really touching, and it almost made me cried.
What I have learnt from this show aside from chinese, is to have teamwork with classmates.
However, I do regret, what I have done. I've not being mingling well with my classmates, not to mention causing problems and hatred.
I'm really sorry, and I hope to see an improvement of myself in the present and in the future.
This is one malaysian show, that I would strongly recommend! I give you my word. Hopefully a season 2 will appear.