Physics Presentation

So today, during presentation, I asked Sham, what would happen if a positron collides with an electron. She gave a funny answer, stating some radioactive material will be emitted. Lol. Actually, I'm really sorry that I asked that question. Later she told me that she just made that particular slide on positron in the morning itself, so she did not have time to understand it. So paiseh. I went up to her to apologize. She said it's okay, she did not read up that's why she couldn't answer. Still, I'm sorry I actually asked that. Haha. Really had no intentions to bomb her at all =) So peace again xD Sorry Shaminis hahaha xD

So for the rest, I don't think I asked anything hard. All were answerable. I'll probably just keep my mouth shut for the next few physics day, or I might be de-atomized by the class during my presentation. Haha
I guess I wouldn't say sorry to you. I might as well sing sorry sorry to you haha