Today's results
I've gotten back my chemistry paper. I got a sticker again this time :) I'm so happy that i actually managed to get top 3, since I'm really bad at equilibrium :(
But, when I ask myself, am I really that happy, I'd put on a frown. No matter how good my results are, I'm never as happy as last time anymore. There's no one to congratulate me anymore. There's no one to share my hapiness anymore. It's, exasperating. What can I say, besides "坚强" to myself?

Anyway forget that. What I want to do now is to shove all my chemistry exam papers infront of my form 5 chemistry teacher! She used to told me, "Kamu ni setiap kali gagal kimia. Pergi kolej masa tu ah pasti seksa. Masa tu awak akan sesal dan ingat kata-kata saya ini" Right. I'd fling my papers infront of her lol. I bet she'd be shocked because I never passed chemistry anymore since form 4 haha haha haha xD