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"Well. It depends, based on the students results that year. TER is based on the highest marks for 4 subjects + half from the lowest mark.
I think 17, 17, 16, 16, 15 is safe for TER 92 ( A A B B B)
TER 91 is about ( A B B B C)
5 17A is around 95 oredi.

Another one
"I asked my friend. She got AAABB and that accounts her to 91.90. 17 17 17 16 14, according to her"

So by getting 2 low A and 3 high B, TER 92 isn't that hard to achieve.

I did chemistry and biology today. My marks are averagely 80-84. Hopefully I do better in exams, and my marks get scaled up! And please don't ask so many funny questions! I want to get 19 and 18 respectively, if possible.

Maths is just...screwy. My average is about 72-75. Some papers were hard [2006 2004] and some papers were moderately easy [2003 2007 2008]. Hopefully I can get a 77 and get scaled up to 80 or 81 during the finals T_T

English was fine. I'm memorizing Australian addresses now lol! Hopefully I can obtain 81 during the finals.

Physics. LoL. Just, LOL!

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Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer
Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer,
is one of the leading world disease,
that kills of many men.
It happens when semen or seminal fluid
are stagnant in the body and are not released regularly.
We all know that when fluids are not moving and stagnant, they tend to
be the breeding ground of diseases and also micro organisms.
A classic example would be mosquitoes. What happens if you leave stagnant water alone?
Mosquitoes will breed and that's where diseases start to originate.

So, this only happens in MALE though, so girls, don't worry.
There are many ways to actually prevent this,
firstly is by regular masturbation.
I would say, maybe twice a week?
Another effective yet not so commonly practised by people method is prostate massage.
This method absolutely improves the health of the prostate,
besides providing an intense yet fucking pleasurable orgasm.
Well, what's important is the health right, who cares about the pleasure....*rolls eyes*
How can you perform the prostate orgasm?
Firstly, the prostate is accessible by the anus.
You put your finger in, and massage it, till you achieve
nirvanal orgasm.
However, care should be taken, especially your fingernails and ample amount of lubrications.
The details can be found by googling it.

Well, I had listened to many campaigns and preachings on masturbation and sexual plays.
Many pastors would always say, do not masturbate. Do not do this and do that.
Don't they know it will lead to cancer and some dangerous super inflated inflammed large prostate of doom?!
Yes, it's again religion and bla bla bla,
but it's your health.
You decide.

Happy masturbating,
now that you know,
it contributes to your health,
and also prevents cancer.
However, too much of a good thing is always bad.
Don't tfk so much k?
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Natural Process

If you think carefully, life is like a cycle.
What does natural selection do anyway?
It functions to remove those that are not suited to the environment from the gene pool.
People die everyday,
yet babies are borned everyday.
Animals which are over numbered are kept in check by diseases and limitations of resources.
It is very normal, for the number to be kept in check.
For example, we humans.
We are so called the k-strategist, however our growth is still exponential.
Look at the graph. After Christ, our population growth became exponential from a stable rate.
It's about 6billion now, but it is shown statistically to be over 100billion in a hundred year or so.
However, that wouldn't be the case.
Scientists predicted that the maximum we can hold is up to 9billion as shown below.

There will be something that will keep us in check.
Food supplies. Water supply. Place to stay.
And of course, the H1N1 and AIDS.

As you can see from the graph above, AIDS helps to reduce the numbers of human population.
The H1N1 is also an extremely effective natural way to remove people from the Earth,
to keep our numbers in check.
It IS necessary for the number of humans to be maintained.
Even when scientists found out on H1N1 as a disease that kills of many,
they weren't surprised at all.
It is expected, that something will regulate our numbers.
This is nature, it's just natural.
Death and birth, are natural.
We get replaced, when we are dead.
We get removed, when the numbers overshoots the carrying capacity.
We replace others, when they are dead.
Let's see death and birth as, something unavoidable.
However, death is not really a bad thing.
At least, you contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and the world :)

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Most disappointed in Biology. Nevertheless, thank you Ms Cheang, Ms Isabel, Mr Yong, Mr James and Ms Prem for believing that I will do well in the finals! I promise I won't disappoint any of you!
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How to have sex without being caught
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What is this feeling I'm experiencing? Feels like jealousy.
I don't know myself.
I read it, and I felt that something just stirred up in my heart.
I can't concentrate in my studies for a moment.
Why did I introduce you to him?
I hate you, hypocrite, pretentious prick.
I just do.
I don't like the way it is now.
I don't like you messing with my friend's life.
Go away...
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Some People
Some people can be outrageously hilarious.
There is this person I know,
who wants to be a doctor.
She does not study nor attend classes regularly,
and also getting rubbish results for her exams.
Except for English, she failed the others.
Seriously, you really sure you want to be a doctor?
Is it just me, or my simple brain is not able to comprehend your obscene stupidity.
Is it sheer stupidity? Or is it sheer naiveness?
I don't know. I just know, you are wasting your time, your parent's money, and their hopes towards you.
Well, I guess, your special most unique trait, is your obscene and sophisticated stupidity.
I have no idea what other words I can utter out of my mouth besides this 1 word. =)
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