Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer
Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer,
is one of the leading world disease,
that kills of many men.
It happens when semen or seminal fluid
are stagnant in the body and are not released regularly.
We all know that when fluids are not moving and stagnant, they tend to
be the breeding ground of diseases and also micro organisms.
A classic example would be mosquitoes. What happens if you leave stagnant water alone?
Mosquitoes will breed and that's where diseases start to originate.

So, this only happens in MALE though, so girls, don't worry.
There are many ways to actually prevent this,
firstly is by regular masturbation.
I would say, maybe twice a week?
Another effective yet not so commonly practised by people method is prostate massage.
This method absolutely improves the health of the prostate,
besides providing an intense yet fucking pleasurable orgasm.
Well, what's important is the health right, who cares about the pleasure....*rolls eyes*
How can you perform the prostate orgasm?
Firstly, the prostate is accessible by the anus.
You put your finger in, and massage it, till you achieve
nirvanal orgasm.
However, care should be taken, especially your fingernails and ample amount of lubrications.
The details can be found by googling it.

Well, I had listened to many campaigns and preachings on masturbation and sexual plays.
Many pastors would always say, do not masturbate. Do not do this and do that.
Don't they know it will lead to cancer and some dangerous super inflated inflammed large prostate of doom?!
Yes, it's again religion and bla bla bla,
but it's your health.
You decide.

Happy masturbating,
now that you know,
it contributes to your health,
and also prevents cancer.
However, too much of a good thing is always bad.
Don't tfk so much k?