Quote from lowyat.net
"Well. It depends, based on the students results that year. TER is based on the highest marks for 4 subjects + half from the lowest mark.
I think 17, 17, 16, 16, 15 is safe for TER 92 ( A A B B B)
TER 91 is about ( A B B B C)
5 17A is around 95 oredi.

Another one
"I asked my friend. She got AAABB and that accounts her to 91.90. 17 17 17 16 14, according to her"

So by getting 2 low A and 3 high B, TER 92 isn't that hard to achieve.

I did chemistry and biology today. My marks are averagely 80-84. Hopefully I do better in exams, and my marks get scaled up! And please don't ask so many funny questions! I want to get 19 and 18 respectively, if possible.

Maths is just...screwy. My average is about 72-75. Some papers were hard [2006 2004] and some papers were moderately easy [2003 2007 2008]. Hopefully I can get a 77 and get scaled up to 80 or 81 during the finals T_T

English was fine. I'm memorizing Australian addresses now lol! Hopefully I can obtain 81 during the finals.

Physics. LoL. Just, LOL!