Beloved Lecturers
Finally got the mood to update my blog after enduring such an arduous journey of SAM.
Let's start with our class mentor Ms. Prem!
What can I say? She's our mentor. She's always funny and dedicated. She teaches ESL xD.
From time to to time she would be kind enough to let us do our things, and she
seems to understand our level of stress very well. Furthermore, she understands that
we have 4 other subjects which are GG-fying and that we practice more on them, however, from
time to time, she still warn us not to neglect ESL although it is the least important
subject for most of us :) She even let us home early! xD
More pictures to go!
She's cute isn't she?

Next up, we shall introduce E1's Mathematical Studies Teacher, Mr James Stephen.

He claims to be new to SAM and this is his first year teaching
Mathematical Studies. But, he teaches really well! He even had
so many extra classes for us so that we can score in our exams
better. I remember once during April Fool Day, he was
so hilarious. Well, he almost made some girls cried, but FOR T3H LuLZ!!
Okay here's what happened.
Mr James came into the class and said :
Class, I just had a meeting with the mathematical department,
and we have decided to give you all a small test. Don't worry,
this will not be in the internals, it will just be used to
analyse and see your level in mathematics. Now, all of you,
please keep all your notes and take out your calculators or we couldn't start, can we?

Everyone panicked, some were really scared and some were really nervous.
Some were even praying to their Gods to let them do well.
And when everyone said, we are ready......
Mr James said.....
April Fool!!!
Oh my God WTF how the heck could you trick us with such a straight face! PRO!!!

Another funny scene, is when Michael Jackson died. Haha...he said, eh you all, don't
talk about Michael Jackson already la, I wanna cry already le.
Hilarious! Oh, did I mention he really like Madonna too? xD
So that basically summarises him.

Now it's time to introduce Mr Yong!
Mr Yong Foo Seng, another funny teacher! Claimed himself to be short and nice :)
We call him Mr Mario because he looks like one, and is further reinforced
when he jumps from the table! Hahaha.
Oh right, before I forget, he teaches Physics. He never give printed notes,
everything were copied from the whiteboard and usually after finishing one chapter or a section,
he would say Good, we have covered a lot today, we should continue the next chapter
tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow :)
And bang bang bang, he disappears in a split second. Haha, that's what makes him sooo
special and funny. Some would say it's cute. =)
That should be all about him (which I can think of). *grins*

Okay! Now shall we present Ms Isabel on to the stage?!
Ms Isabel Yee. She teaches Chemistry. Her classes were always FUN!
She's very funny, nice, and bubbly. In addition, she's also caring
and sweet. I'm not so sure how old is she now (25<29)
Too bad for those that wants her!
Haha, that aside, she graduates from National University of Singapore,
wow. And her mother works as a professor, wow!
She used to teach biotechnology in Singapore, so she really gave me lots of
precious advice.
On the other hand, Ms Isabel is actually super duper smart, she received a scholarship to
further her studies in research, in short, masters scholarship!
Real smart isn't she? However, because her top priority is God, followed by family,
she rejected the scholarship and followed her husband to Malaysia. Well, many people
would say very sayang, very wasted, very sad, but she gets to be with
her family everyday happily, I wouldn't say that's sad! However, if she would to
take her masters, I think she would be close or even a professor by now. Hehe...
professor Yee. Wo0t.
Although she had the potential to be a PhD holder, her passion towards
teaching greatly overweights her passion towards research! That's why, she's
just plain awesome.
On the last day of college, she gave the class a letter.
She said, we are the BEST CLASS ever she had ever taught, even better than E5 because they are so noisy! Haha!
Love you teacher!

Lastly, I shall introduce Ms Cheang, E1's BIOLOGY teacher.
Ms Cheang took her Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. Then, she pursue
her studies in Masters in Molecular Biology. She's still, single! That's what she claimed la. haha.
Ms Cheang Cheang Chang Chang Cang~~ is what we sometimes call her
to tease her. Haha. I remembered once during biology lab session,
we called her teacher teacher teacher. She did not reply.
So instead, we called her cher cher cher cher! Then she replied, haiyo! what cher cher.
Call properly la. Dent dent dent, you all can come in now.
LOL that was really funny!
There was once in the biology lab, where she was really really funny too!
We were discussing on dung beetles. Yeap, beetles that eat shit.
So we asked, what in the world are dung beetles.
So Ms Cheang went and explained :
Dung beetles are beetles that feed on faeces. They are also sometimes called
depressing beetles. Why are they called depressing beetles? Because they
always stuck in the shit, so they very depressed.

Everyone looked at her with serious faces, listening to her explanation with great enthusiasm.

Then she said,
Oi, I joking only you know.

LOL!!! Then everybody started to laugh like retards. Hahaha.
Never expected her to pull out a joke like this! She's usually very serious!

1 more 1 more! There was once when she was wearing a really beautiful flowery shirt.
So we asked her. Teacher, why today you wear until so flowery one? Go out Pak To ah?
Then she replied :
No lah. No pak to. Sometimes must wear nice nice to surprise and scare the students one ma!

ROFL. Damn funny also.
Haha k la, I damn syiok sendiri now.

That aside, she's actually a very strict teacher. Very serious also.
Sometimes even scold the whole class kau kau.
Last time, I don't really like her. But after two months,
I really liked her. She's a very good and dedicated teacher.
She's just strict because it's for our own good.
I'm sure E1 really loves her too, right? :)
However, she can be really really funny at times, and she's actually
the funniest teacher of all!