On Friday, I went to Evan's house. Went there to teach him science.
While teaching, Yellow Thing suddenly decided to come as well. Weee...the more the merrier.
While I was playing the PS2 and teaching Evan at the same time, Yellow Thing was playing a new online game called SUN ONLINE [Soul of Ultimate Nation]. Quite a fun game xD
Then at night, at about 9 - 10.30 PM, we spent our time watching TV.
Really enjoyed myself watching TV with both of you ^^
Then! We decided to go yum cha. We walked for about 30 minutes to ss 15 while bullshitting on the way.
This is where the horror began! The ground were full of cockroaches.
As in... many many many many many of them.
It was like hell, every step I have to be very careful as not to step on them or let them crawl on me. Furthermore, I saw the wall of the longkang lol! Crawling with over 9000! cockroaches.
WTF man! Damn scary. They could cause the heads of 10 elephants to explode if they were thrown there! Serious SHIT.
Then suddenly, we passed by some lap sap. Yellow Thing told me that there's a rat in it. I did not really bother because I ain't afraid of rats. But suddenly, out of nowhere, out of the blue/orange green and yellow a rat jumped on me. WTF.... I moved so fast that I spoiled to slipper. Great, Yellow Thing >.<>
Then like orang cacat, we finally go yum cha.
From that day on he kept calling me slipper man. LOL!
Was scary but I really enjoyed that day :)