Love and Altruism
Many would say, I love you and I want to always be by your side.
But many do not fully understand what love is.
That, includes me. I always thought, that when you love someone, you want
him/her by your side everyday, you want to care for him/her, you want to talk to him/her.
But, that's not true. What true love is, to give, and never to take.
To love is to be able to live without him/her by your side, yet still care for him/her
even if the other does not know it.
I really hope, that we will be able to know each other like the back of our hands.
I want to share my life with the person I love, I want them to share their life with me as well.
But no matter how it winded up, to love is to give.
I will give you, whatever I could, whatever you ask for
but I will not expect anything in return.
I love you and I want to give,
for you to love and give,
I will leave it on your hands.