SACE Mathematical Studies 2009,
7 am - 10.10 am,

I opened the paper, immediately I know something is wrong.
It's out of trend.
It's completely unlike 2003-2008.
It' 2006.
That's when my nightmare started. It's something like this!
I've practised so much, from 2003 papers to 2008 papers,
preliminaries from St Peters college and Taylor's past years mock exam, scoring on an average of 70-75,
probably totalling up to 36hours. I studied real hard for maths... yet, why when I opened the paper, I can't do almost half the
paper? It's so horrifying, so many questions left unanswered, completely blank, hanged, unfinished. It's even freaking harder than trials. That made me so depressed!
But, some of my friends stated that, it wasn't hard, it was easier than trials, it was decent, it was fine. What the heck?? That, pushed me down, straight into the pits of obscene depression. How could you say something like that, something, as atrocious and malevolent like that, as fine and ok and decent and doable?
Am I that stupid that I cannot comprehend the language of the paper, or is the paper's language too difficult, cause I have no fucking idea what they are trying to ask.

Nevertheless, it's over. I'm just not intelligent enough to solve mathematical questions despite all the practice I've done. Simple proving on why the matrix had no solutions, I cannot even show. A straightforward question to dy/dx a given equation, I stared at it and spaced out completely. Simple questions, asking to write few linear equations, and I couldn't even land a drop of ink on the space provided. Oh well, bye bye TER. Bye bye forecast results. 4A1B? Nah, I'd be lucky to get 2A 1B 2C.

Any last words? Hmmm....screw you ssabsa!