Pink Alligator

There was once a pink alligator in a forest.
Because of it's pink colour, it is easily seen by it's prey and this gives them enough time to run.
Nobody likes him, because of it's colour. It's weird and abnormal.
That's why, he's always hungry and sad.
One day a bird landed on his back. The bird could not fly.
The bird would then usually practise flying and sing while the pink alligator would listen happily.
They then became good friends and hang out everyday.
One day...the pink alligator was really hungry, so much that it made him dizzy.
He accidentally ate the bird which was sleeping in his mouth.
Upon realizing his mistake, he promptly drank swamp water to regurgitate the bird out.
He managed to do so.... but the bird is already dead.
It was too late....
The pink alligator, sworn not to ever eat again....dying alone in the forest...