New Good Buddy
So something expected but also unexpected happened this morning
and it involved three of us.
That's when I started to open up to him,
and he opened up to me as well :D
We were both sad and confused,
but we cheered each other up the whole morning,
busy chatting on our personal views on many stuffs,
from food to se... uhh yeah.
It was surprisingly scary to know that
we have so much in common
and that we always ask the SAME
question at the SAME time!
Not once, but really many times!
Haha, and he's such a smart guy too,
not to mention funny :D
Also a very nice guy to boast!!
Really enjoyed chatting with him for more than 4 hours till 4 am,
I thought I was going to be even more emo
but seems like I was so busy chatting and laughing with him
that I forgotten what happened LOL.
We started off by talking nonsense, and then we talked about
serious stuff and then back to more nonsense,
and before we realize, we are good buddies already :D

However, after we parted ways, I just couldn't sleep still....
I stayed up and cried the whole morning till 8 am...
That's kinda pathetic of me isn't it, after being cheered up so much.