3 Days of Hell

Day 1

The first day I went to the hospital, it was really boring and empty. The whole entire building was empty and scary. Even in my room, I was the only patient. It’s a double bed room. I did basically nothing on the first day, except for eating supper and hugging and chatting with my hunny in my room.

Day 2

I was supposed to fast from 7.30 am to 2 pm because I need to undergo an operation. I did of course, and it wasn’t easy. The nurse woke me up at 6.30 am just to feed me with a heavy breakfast. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I went into the operation room and got knocked out by the anesthetics. It was, quite fun getting knocked out.. LOL. The next thing I knew when the nurse woke me up was that I am already on the movable bed. Apparently, they stuffed tubes into.. weird places in my body. I shall not elaborate. The whole night was really really painful. I couldn’t sleep because the tube was hurting me. Furthermore, that fucking Indian boy beside me snored like a dinosaur for the entire day. 1 hour felt like 3 hours. Time passed so slowly. I was in fucking hell. Thankfully, my hunny came to see me. I was really in a shitty condition. I couldn’t move, couldn’t really speak clearly as well. It was my hunny that kept me going for the rest of the day. Without my hunny, I would have fuckin’ killed that piece of shit. Or maybe not.. But I’ll go nuts and start banging my head on the wall, or rather, bang HIS head on the wall.

Day 3

Day 3! Finally, time to be discharged. That’s what I thought. Apparently, my condition is worst than it seems. The doctor told me to stay for another day because my condition was crappy. I was so down and so depressed, filled with anguish and agony that I couldn’t even do anything but cry and stone on my bed. That’s when I called my hunny, to inform that I may not leave the hospital tonight. I just couldn’t stop crying. Finally, the tubes were removed. I can finally walk again, but it hurts a little. I thought I had totally forgotten how to walk since I’ve been bedridden since like, forever. Thankfully after lunch, my hunny came to visit again. I was so touched and happy that my hunny was there for me. It was you that kept me going. It was you that told me not to give up and pray for the best. It was you, that encouraged me and assured me how much you love me, no matter what happens. Thanks dear. I really love you so much. You were there for me when I was feeling really down. You are truly, amazing and awesome. Someone that I can throw my life away for. Right now, I’m currently at home typing this because I was given a leave. I am not officially discharged, I’m just having a holiday for a few hours. Hopefully the histology report tomorrow would be fine. I really don’t want to be in deep shit. I still want to spend the rest of my life with you hunny. Really. That is all for today. Exam results are going to be released in a couple of hours.Will post on them later if I feel like it.

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Inspired from a song

Love Who?

Who am I? Who should I love? I loved many.

I’ve always been standing at the road junction,

Should I turn left, or rotate to the right or even perhaps move straight?

No matter which path I choose to take, it will never be right.

I dare not face my true self until you finally appeared in my life and allow me to face my true self.

Even if I toss the whole world aside, I’ll never let you go,

You allowed me to gather and muster my courage,

Enough to shout and tell the whole world that I love you,

Even though this may make the world our enemy, I still have you.

We will forge our very own love story,

And work towards a perfect ending.

Though there may be obstacles in our way,

I believe that when we are together, we can obliterate and eradicate anything that perturbs our path towards happiness.

Love you always KV.


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Grades Prediction!

Grading system: Grading Matrix
Grading Matrix : 3 components
1. Communication
2. Knowledge
3. Practical

To get an A, I have to obtain:

Current results:

Communication - 5 components
1.Personal Response - B
2.Professional Response - B
3.Slides - B
4.Professional Discussion - A
5.Group work - A

Overall communication grade : B

Practical - 4 pracs
1.Osmosis - A
2.Action Potential - A
3.Skeletal Muscle - A
4.Plants - B

Overall practical grade : A

Current Grades : BA.

To get an A, I have only 1 option. Which is to get an A for the finals. Nothing less... Shyat!

50% course work 50% finals

Current results:
Course work - CMT(Online Quiz), Report, Practical
CMT - 18%
CMT obtained - 18%-6% = 12%
Practical - 20%
Predicted - 20%-6% = 14%
Report - 12%
Predicted - 12%-2% = 10%
Bonus marks - 1%
Total obtained - 12% + 14% + 10% + 1% = 37%/50%
Marks required in finals to obtain a grade 7 = 85%
85%-37% = 48% needed over 50% to get a grade 7
In simple terms, 96% or maximum 2-3 wrongs in the final paper.

Gave up lol. No hope liao.

PHYS1171 and STAT1201... totally unpredictable. Not that I really care also =/

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Little frog in the net, clueless as to what lies ahead

Little did it know.. that people in white coats are...

About to send you to heaven... in a very eccentric manner..
By pithing... (It's absolutely ethical)

Firstly, a sharp and thin needle is probed into the soft spot at the end of the skull.
The soft spot is located in between the eyes of the frog.
The needle is then moved side to side to...
completely obliterate the brain..
You can feel the inside of the frog; the frog can't feel anything..
Without the brain, perception of any sensory phenomena is impossible.
The procedure will then move on to...
destroying the frog's spinal cord >.<"
In the end,
the frog will still look alive and continue to breath,
except that...
it wouldn't respond to anything you do any more
such as poking its eye or pinching its leg...

What happens next, is pretty obvious...
Minutes ago.. it was still croaking..

And now it is nothing but.. a collection of colourful organs lumped together...
The purpose of going through all these procedures and trouble is just to get this...

tiny piece of gastrocnemius muscle out for students like us to.. play around with!
Instead of appreciating the frog's sacrifice,
we played around by sending high voltages in 1000 pulses to the muscles,
causing the muscle to contract excessively and "chao gan" and then proceed to laugh at it.
No, seriously >.<"
Poor frog.
But you gave us crappy results,
gave us a hard time doing the lab report,
so screw you LOL!
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What do I think?

Simple Introduction
Eugenics, commonly known as the practice of removing undesired alleles from the human population is something that gives rise to ethical issues. This idea of perfecting the gene pool of humans was widely popular in the early 20th century, but was rejected and disfavoured after being abused by the Nazi. What the Nazi did was dreadful. Experimental studies on humans were conducted, harsh and forced racial hygiene were reinforced as well as extermination of a population of humans with undesired alleles. In simple terms, reproduction of a group of people with advantageous alleles is strongly encouraged while the reproduction of a group with deleterious or not so favourable alleles is persecuted. In a biological perspective, eugenics is also detrimental to the survival of the human species. Charles Darwin, a great naturalist that discovered and theorized natural selection states that in a population, genetic variability is definitely a must for the survival of a certain population. Without variation, a single calamity or a plague could easily wipe out the entire population of that particular species, totally eliminating the species' gene pool. By practising eugenics, there would be less and less genetic variation in the human population. Consequently, humans will be much more susceptible to new diseases and catastrophes.

You might be wondering why that happens. It's pretty simple. Some alleles could be deleterious in a certain environment. However, in a totally novel or different environment, it could be essential for the survival of that particular species. A classic example would be, the sickle-cell anaemia. A very common disease, I'm sure you people would have heard about it. This disease is an inherited genetic disease where the red blood cells are sickle-shaped (not all but some). As a result, you would expect that the rate of oxygen transport will decrease due to these non functional red blood cells. It is therefore easy to rule out that this condition is detrimental to the health and bears no benefits to the person. Despite that, this allele could be proven useful predominantly in Africa. In Africa, Anopheles mosquito carries a certain parasite in their saliva called Plasmodium. Plasmodium uses the mosquito as a vector to infect humans, causing them the infamous 'Malaria'. Plasmodium is a protist parasite that attacks mainly on the red blood cells. They infect the red blood cells, reproduce inside the red blood cells and finally lyses out of the cell, infecting more and more red blood cells. As a result, it causes sudden shivers and chills to the affected person. The semi-detailed life-cycle of Plasmodium is summarised in the diagram below. Since red blood cells are essential for the reproduction of this parasite, an anomaly in the red blood cells would deter the growth and reproduction of Plasmodium. Therefore, the survivability of people with the sickle-cell allele is much higher compared to healthy people without this allele in places with high occurrence of Malaria.
Fig. 1 - Diagram depicting the life-cycle of Plasmodium
Diagram taken from Campbell et al. 2008

Warning: For the following part, read only if you are prepared to get pissed from my childish and retarded ranting. It's very annoying, so only read if you want to annoy yourself.

What do I think about eugenics? (I'm ranting!!)
In my very selfish opinion, eugenics is okay. So what if bad alleles were removed? So what if people with gene defects gets persecuted? I don't give a flying Lulz. In fact, that would be better. It halts production of abominable failures such as me! So what if having less variation will cause humans to be vulnerable to selective pressures? One die, all die la. Mati sama-sama. Why aren't designer babies allowed or widely used in Malaysia? Because of ethical issues? You critics think that it is wrong to disrupt nature by altering genes? You noobcakes think that doing so will anger God and stuff? Well, fuck you. God doesn't exist. If God does exist with his hands directly on Earth, Earth would be a much better place. There wouldn't be so much suffering. If you truly are fair and square and cubical, why isn't your love distributed evenly? Why is it distributed like a normal curve, where some people gets shit luck, some with average luck and some super lucky and fortunate. Why? Reason? To laugh at us unfortunate ones? Never mind. I'm just ranting. I'm pissed. I'm terribly depressed. Why do I have to live in misery. Why in the flying lulz do I have to suffer from so many shit. WHY?! I don't feel human at all! I know what you people are thinking. "This boy doesn't appreciate what he has. Look at Africa, people are dying everyday, having not enough food to eat. And yet, this boy is complaining about his life". You know what? I don't give a flying crap about who's dying or who's not having enough food to eat. I'm just RANTING HERE!! I HATE MYSELF! FML!! I WANNA JUST DIE OFF!!! I can't even find anyone to talk to about this, not that I'm willing to talk about it at all to anyone...

God doesn't exist. If he/she/it exist, he/she/it is an asshole. My life sucks, terribly. I wish I can decide my own genes, or at least get my genes altered before I was born, or even not get born at all.

P.S. Don't flame me or preach me after this. Like I said, I'm just ranting.


Allele - Variation in a gene that codes for a certain trait
Gene Pool - Sum of all alleles of all individuals in a population
Protist - Unicellular organisms with a nucleus
Phenotype - The physical manifestation of the organisms genetic make-up
Natural Selection - A change in environment that favours a particular phenotype

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Magical Tree Product

Money makes the world go round. One good example is Taylor's University College. It's making tons of money. So why's money so important? Some critics might say stuff such as "money can't buy you happiness". My reply to that statement is, you people don't have a brain (I'm already being very very polite). It's true that money can't bring you ALL types of happiness in the world, but it can certainly bring you MOST of the happiness in the world. Without money, can you be healthy? Without these magical tree products, is it possible for you to get married? To support your kids? To financially support your loved ones? To buy and pamper yourself and your loved ones? No, it's impossible. Do bear in mind that I'm not implying you should have 10 million $USD in your bank to be considered as having money. Back to the topic, why the sudden inspiration to talk about money?

Firstly, money can buy you health. Yes, it's true. Although not in all cases, but in most cases. For example, I'm having health problems. It's been a year now. I can't seem to at all rest properly. I'm terribly ill and mentally screwed up, and this is seriously killing me, especially this month, the peak of despair. Of course I went to a general doctor. Unfortunately, after having my blood, my urine and my whatever analysed and tested out, everything was negative. My blood sugar level, sodium level, potassium level and whatever that's essential are all perfectly normal. Nothing's wrong. But I'm very very sure, SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY AND ATROCIOUSLY WRONG! I've thought of going to a specialist, but I don't have the money. SEE! Money is really important! Without money, you can't even see a more luxurious version of a doctor. So I've been trying hard by taking in natural remedies, and hopefully it'll help. IF it doesn't, then yeah I'll have to see them this time. Right now, I doubt I can even involve myself in any simple sexual activities any more. Not that I have them a lot. Sex life ruined. See? That's the effect of lack of money. (Please don't ask me what problems I have, there's a reason why I'm not stating it here. It's not STD or any sexually related diseases, just so you know).

Secondly, without money, I can't visit 'there' or come back to Malaysia during my winter holidays to meet up with that person. That's just sad, because of such financial problems I couldn't visit my friends and that person during the winter break. Sigh, another point to reinforce that lack of money can deprive you of happiness.

Thirdly, without money I can't even get the stuff I want. For example, my phone. He doesn't want it any more. Now I'm stuck with it. I was so happy when I thought I could finally get another one that I like. Usually, I'll just go, OK nevermind. But this time, with everything and every shit accumulating and summing up, I couldn't help it but cry. I'm breaking apart. I feel like the world is against me, especially this month. ARGH!! What the BFH is happening?!

So in conclusion, money is important. Very important. Not more important than health and love, but without an adequate amount of money (not saying you should be a millionaire) it's hard to be VERY happy. At least it applies to me. You might have a different view and I totally respect that. On a side note, I'm writing this based on MY opinions and MY experiences. If you have a different point of view and would like to have a debate with me, feel free to let me know, and I'll make myself free to punch your face.
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September : Month of Total Despair
There's 4 things that's really bothering me this month.
For you people out there reading my blog, it's time to listen to my rants about my life again. =)

1 : As busy as hell.
It's been crazy this September. There's a huge BIOHORIZON project to do, and my group and I are suppose
to write an essay on neurodegeneration diseases, including power point slides and having an econference on the forums! The deadline is so near, and I'm having troubles writing it. We'll finish it up on time either way, it's just that the process of doing it is really stressful and exasperating.

Asides from that, we have this IS-IT Chemistry Research Task. It's almost like BIOHORIZON, just that it is on chemistry. And the deadline is the same as BIOHORIZON! I've barely started on it because everyone's so busy holidaying or doing their BIOHORIZON. Well, same goes to me.. I tend to ignore this first for BIO >.<"

Thirdly, there's a Physics mid semester exam right after holidays. Talking about WTF?! Another thing happening?! I didn't study at all ever since the beginning of the semester, there's no way I can fit Physics into my head with all the other tasks on hand! I'm as good as GG-fied!

To continue, Quiz 2 for Chemistry is OUT! Deadline's somewhere around 7th of October. Yeah, that may seem like a longggggg time for us to do, but again, with all the other assignments, I doubt it'll be easy. (Covers fully on 3 modules. Wait, we're not even done with module 2. Oh great!)

2 : Preparation to UQ

So yeap. Preparations! There's so many things I have to do, my father's been pushing me into doing them such as applying a visa, getting to know what kind of clothings I can bring, money, accommodation, passport, friends and stuff. Oh, and my air ticket is already pre-booked by Taylor's! Wow, efficient betul. We'll be going in a group, so yay! And to brag, for biotech students our first semester is completely, absolutely, sexually free!! It's only the living expenses that I should be worried about... But again, wo0t! (Biomed students get to go through 2 semesters for free though, jealous much)

3 : I still miss a certain someone

I know I know. It's silly. I'm suppose to let go and concentrate on my stuff. But I just can't help it. Like you said, it's my trait. I'm trying my best not to think of it though. But I really do miss you. So much =/ I really wish I can meet you at least once in a year during our holidays.. (Which is pretty much not likely since our summer breaks are totally antagonistic). Wishful thinking. Still. I'm not going to say much here, I believe I've expressed myself a lot in many other ways possible ha ha. Anyways... I wish you're happy there. You'll make friends, dummy. And maybe hopefully find someone you love... =)

4 : Stupidest Decision

I bought a new phone. Yay new touch screen phone, that's what I thought. But no, I'm just not used to it at all. The more I use it, the more sad I get and the more pissed I get. I mean, it's a 100% entertainment phone. Features include
a : Imba camera
b : Imba music
c : 8GB memory card
d : and etc
e : I bought it LESS THAN A WEEK!!

Ever since I bought it, I've never used the camera much, did not listen to music much and did not do much at all with the phone asides from texting and calling (Which is ALSO RARE). Thus, it's making me sad. Weird right? So I talked to my classmate HM. He seems to like the phone, he seems to like the camera and the music functions. So yay, I'm selling it to him, RM200 less than the original price. And SINCE he kept on screwing his earphones, I decided to add in an additional ear phone which costs RM80. All in all, I lost RM280! But it's okay, it's a lesson for me to not be such a retard to anyhow buy a phone with features I don't use much.

The hardest part was of course, to TELL my mum. It took me so much courage to go to her and start a conversation. I first went,
Me : Hey mum, ermm...
Mum : What? You hungry?
Me : Oh yeah! Of course.
Mum : Alright I'll make dinner. (Walks down to the kitchen)
Me : (Follows her down) Uhmm, mum, actually... the phone...
Mum : What about it?
Me : I think I don't like it... the more I use it.. the more I get sad.. I just can't get used to it...
Mum : (Shocked face as if I killed a cat) OMG, you're just plain weird, how come?!
Me : Well... I don't use the features much you see... and I'm not used to it. It's like wasting the phone.. I should get something with features that I can use.
Mum : What to do with your phone?
Me : I sold it to a classmate for RM200 less than the original price... (Put my hand in my pocket and took out RM200). Here, take it. It's my fault, thus it's my responsibility.
Mum : Nah it's okay. Just keep it. Just make sure your next phone is something you REALLLLLLYYYYYYY like! You should test it out first before you buy.
Me : Okay... but please do take the RM200. At least I won't feel so guilty.
Mum : Ok ok.

Whew. This time I REALLLLLLYYY should make sure I like that phone before I purchase it!
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What should I do?
What should I do?
It's the last chance I have, my last opportunity.
I don't know, whether to be aggressive or just let whatever is suppose to happen occur effortlessly.
If I am bold enough to tell that person, I might get hurt so bad in return.
If I am brave enough to tell that other person, I might seriously be an asshole and stir up an unnecessary scene.
If I am to do nothing, I will just hurt myself.
If I were to do something without telling anything, again I'll be an asshole.
Either way, I'll hurt myself.
I don't know any more...
I guess I'll rather hurt myself than cause an entropy.
It's a decision that I'll definitely regret in the future, but it's for your good.
Don't want to sound so emotional, so I'll stop here lol. =) =)

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Future Regrettable Current Silence

I am seriously at the brink of collapsing now.
There's so many things I want to do well in, but I just can't seem to.
Nowadays, I'm just so exhausted by everything around me,
from this to that, from that to this.
From the inside out, outside in, sideways and wayside I'm feeling tired.

Firstly, it's about my uni stuff.
Had you studied like crazy and stayed up all night just to finish a quiz and got fucked by it and the next day the whole class copies your hard word and gets full marks in front of your face?
Well, it happened to me. It's a terrible sight to see, and I felt like dying. But oh well, at a brighter side, the class benefits from it.
On a side note, I almost died from chemistry practical today. T_T

There's something I really want to tell you on your face,
but I can't do that.
I'm not allowed to. Nobody lets me. Furthermore, I do not have the right,
or the privilege to do so.

To be frank, I don't really understand any of you. And now it's your turn. You can be nice sometimes,
you can be harsh sometimes and you can be really sweet sometimes.
What gives? Which one are you predominant in? My heart is fragile, I can't
withstand such changes in such a short time. I feel weak and devastated every time
you give me such responses and answers. I really wanted to tell you, but I just can't
seem to forge the right words out of my trap hole. I'm terribly lost and confined in a state of confusion. What do you want from me? What can I do for you?

In fact, I'm still quite disturbed by the events that occurred these days. Whatever you said, whatever you denied, whatever you tried to confess or whatever you tried to hide, I really couldn't understand any more to the point that I want to bang my head on the wall. I want to understand, and I want to know why, but overtly that's out of my grasp. You wouldn't. Not that I tried to inquire it from you directly, but knowing you, you'll just come up with something. Besides, that'll add to awkwardness, wouldn't it? That made me wondered, whatever that happened that night, that very night. Were they my dreams, my imaginations and my fantasies? They seemed real to be, but the after reality of it doesn't seem to support the fact that it really happened. Maybe, it's just the CH3CH2OH. You know, this shit always fucks people up. Although I always tried not to give a flying fuck any more, I just can't because I care for you =/

Well, enough about that. I'm sure what goes next is, hey you're emo-ing again. Can't you get rid of that trait? Well, everyone emos from time to time right? It's just a matter of how well you hide it (I think I plagiarised this phrase from someone). So yeah, I heeded that advice and did. I suppressed it to a fair degree. It wasn't easy, but that's better than making everyone around you gloomy, correct? That being said, this is my world and my space. It's one of the places where I can express what I want to express (although my emotions, described in words here are much suppressed to an extent). So don't go around calling me emo unless I exhibit emoism in your presence. =)

In principle, what I would like to conclude from all these mess of words is I really really want to tell you this!
Fatty. . . the fact is . . . I this that person and that person this this, so can you please don't this that and that this and this us. Thanks.
But sigh no, that can never come out from my mouth. Never.
Fuck. The thing is... who am I to utter this kind of shit to you?

Time to buy a gift for someone and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming ordeal.
I feel MUCH MUCH better now that I let it out. =)
And million thanks to my friend that spent so much time listening to my rants and complaints.
Thanks a lot. xD

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Know where you stand
Whenever you're finding for a relationship, firstly please, know where you stand.

There are a few 'pantang-larang' and tips that might work that I made up by myself through experience.

This is just merely and purely for fun though, don't take it too seriously. :D

1. If the person you're aiming for is a high profile person, be very careful. They could be only messing with you. How do you know if they are high profile? Check their facebook. It's usually easy to detect. (Friends > 1k, every single status updates has many many comments and stuffs, having other high profile people in their friends list, common friends with lots of random and unusual people that even you yourself don't really know, and lastly your friends from other schools know them)

2. Know their friends. Usually you can know the type of person they are by getting to know their friends. If their friends are all retarded and plays around/sleeps around, you can start to take pre-cautions. It might be stereotypical but, sluts and the same kinds tend to flock together.

3. Does that person always text message someone else while hanging out/dating with you? Do you ALWAYS have to take the initiative to start the conversation? Do you ALWAYS receive 1 word text messages? If these happens, it's not a good sign. Be ready for anything.

4. Know yourself. Are you the of same kind? If you are, by all means, go ahead and play around, sleep around, fuck around and fuck yourself to hell.

5. Again, know yourself. Are you against all this crap? If you are, you can either muster your courage, tell that person and make that person stop all these for your sake or make him change through your dedicated love. This is, however, a risk. It usually wouldn't turn out to be good. I mean, which cat doesn't eat fish?

6. Be friends with his friends. You can extract lots of information from them. Who were that persons ex, how many times did that person had sex, this and that. This step is essential, unless you have fucking crazy faith in that person, which makes you a retard (like me).

7. If you find that person lying, don't burst his bubble yet. Try to make that person tell you. If that person refuses and die die also deny, fuck that person off.

8. If you found out that the person's going against all his words (I won't have sex with random people, I have self-dignity, I am single and only love you), forget that person. He's not worth your time.

9. If you're really cheated, go home, cry for 3 days and move on. These kind of people, are totally not worth your tears (Gui 2010)

In conclusion, try not to get your hopes too high up especially when you're dealing with high profile/elite/well-known people. They have so many other choices and targets, why the hell would they be loyal to you? Don't be silly. Find someone that's simple and has a great personality. Screw those well-known complicated emo sanafa cunts =D

And yeah I know it's easier to say than to actually do it yourself. I'm actually struggling myself when I'm typing this. I wonder if I can really do this. But no matter what, life goes on. "There are still many other fishes in this world" (Chin 2010)

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New Semester New Style
Congrats to all. It's finally the start of the new semester. It's a new semester with new style!
Previously I did okay with grades of 7-7-6-5. I was really surprised when I find myself getting a 5 for Scie1000, which I studied just 2 days before the exam. All glory to the people that helped
me :D

And secondly, what did I do during the holidays? Online games, reading manga, drinking, day-dreaming, drinking, clubbing and drinking. Like the previous holidays, it's just full of drama and
emotions. Made me really sad at some point and I'm quite tired of it so I'm just so glad that the new semester started! Weeee. Forget all forget all! It's not the time yet!

Now, is it time for me to introduce this semester's subjects? Before that, have I mentioned that this semester's timetable is really, nooby? 6hours of lab on Monday, urgh... Furthermore, it feels like high school/pre-U. There's Bio, Chem, Physics and maths. =/

I'll start with, Biological Physics.
Argh. What can I say about this? It's Physics. No matter how you add Bio or change the name into some Biophysics kinda thing, it's still physics. And physics deals with vectors, graphs, calculations and many other funny equations. I'd say I already dislike this after opening to the first chapter of this book. Moreover, this book actually costs RM 269. WTF, seriously? Like hell I'd spent so much for a book that'll be on the table collecting dust. (Well, I made a copy of it though, shhh :D)

Secondly would be Chemistry : Energetics and Reactivity.

No matter how you look at it, it looks more like physics than chemistry. There's so many calculations and formulae. I'm going crazy just looking at the lecture notes. >.<" But no matter what, I'll still do my best. Chemistry is one of my strong subjects :D

Next would be, Statistics. This, is the textbook for statistics.
I bet you're making the WTF face right now. Like, LOL? This comical novel looking girly book is actually a statistics textbook? Michael Bulmer sure is ermm, bored. Haha. Ms Cheah did mentioned that last year 50% of the class got a grade 7 for this course, so I should be able to get it too.

Lastly, it's BIOL1040. Cells to organisms. Someone said, this course will have the weirdest, strangest, and funniest assignments. You wouldn't be able to find it any where else. So, meh. Hopefully I'll do as well as BIOL1020 last semester.
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