To Young Warior Richard and Patrick
Two days ago I was so bored,
I checked all our chat logs,
It was from extremely long to really short,
Fun and exciting to monotonous and depressing,
And almost completely stopped this month.
I even checked the logs gor gave me,
It sounds like you were sincere to me but sextremely cruel to the other,
How could you?
You can't do that.
It's just wrong.
Sometimes you also need to think.
Things can change, attitude can change, character can change and also personality.
She told me, once we change, we could be easily torn apart by even the simplest argument.
I don't want that,
It's too cruel.
Besides, you've changed drastically.
All the claims and promises you made,
will never be fulfilled.
History repeats.
Whatever I do to other people,
it will befall me one day.
I don't really believe in karma but it looks like I have to.
Slowly, I'll let go.
Everything needs time.
Well it was fun and enjoyable.
Thanks for that.
Although it's hard to let go at first,
after a long period of pondering and wondering,
I've made up my mind.
It's the best way.
Don't worry I won't feel that way again.
Fun knowing you in college.

This message is dedicated to you, Young warrior Richard and Patrick!