A holiday to remember
So you people are disappointed.
And pissed.
What can I say?
From other people's point of view, yes of course,
I'm the bad guy.
I'm the evil one.
I brought sadness and despair to all of you,
and now I'm despised like nobodies business.
Such an irony isn't it?
When someone cute and innocent do horrible things which are almost unforgivable,
they still get protected, and loved.
While the victim, get's the gun instead.
And now, from the victim, I became the bad guy instead while the bad guy,
now becomes the victim.
So I guess a cute face is much better than anything eh?
You guys are so "facelistic".
Whatever it is, it officially ends today.
I do hope that nobody like any of you appears in my life any more.
And in case you guys are still blaming me...
I'll give you guys a few quotes.

Everything is my fault. Just blame all on me. You can spoil my name, tell everyone I'm the bad guy, and hate me forever. It's all my fault. Just blame me ok? (Chang 2010)

Chang, E 2010, verbal quote, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

You know what, I do feel a little guilty for what I've done, but I don't even care one bit actually. I need to be selfish, cold and harsh (Tang 2010).

Tang, R 2010, verbal quote, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Just forget what he did okay? I know he didn't mean to (Yap 2010)
Yap, J 2010, verbal quote, Petaling jaya, Malaysia.

Sounds familiar? Blame me. I don't even care one bit.
And forget what I did and forgive me can? Can? Cannot?
Now you know how I feel?

When it really falls on you,
I don't think you can comfort each other and say,
"forget what he did okay?
he didn't mean it"

Try forgiving me, and if you can't,
then you fully understand how I feel too!!

From today onwards,
we do not know each other any longer.