Brothers? What are they really defined as actually besides a blood relation with your mum's son?
A very close friend?
Having brothers outside of your family might sound nice, you get someone to call bro and your relationship with him might even be closer than your own blood related brother. But, they can really be scary sometimes don't you think? My experience..

During the 4 months SAM holidays, I have this so called 2 brothers. Why's that so? Because they were really close to me. We talk about everything, share our secrets as well as stay up late just to chat. Let's call them A and B. One day A decided to do something really really bad to me. He back-stabbed me and he's really proud of doing so. B was really mad at him too, he supported me all the way, giving me encouragement. He's my only brother left. However, I didn't really want to fight with A everyday anyway, since now he's my good friend's boyfriend. I just pretend that he is on permanent wind-walk. But not until recently, and I don't know when, they became really close again. And this B, is trying to 'make things back to last time'. What does that mean? You want us to be really close again, and let history repeat itself? Honestly, I've tried to forget what that has happened 2 months back. I tried not to think about it, until this really stupid B appeared and uttered this bull shit in front of me. It made me remember everything all over again. This is what you call brothers? One that betrays you, and another that supports you and betrays you in the end? What kind of people have I met during the 4months SAM break? Why are they doing this to me? If only I didn't bother facebooking this 'particular someone' out of curiosity, all these wouldn't have happened, and I wouldn't have met so many unnecessary people that now haunts my life. Yeap, curiosity kills the cat.

So if you people are reading this, I just want to tell you that I don't care any more about what happened during my SAM break. Just leave me alone, I don't want to be friends, so don't even talk about brothers.
In conclusion, fuck off my life.