New Semester New Style
Congrats to all. It's finally the start of the new semester. It's a new semester with new style!
Previously I did okay with grades of 7-7-6-5. I was really surprised when I find myself getting a 5 for Scie1000, which I studied just 2 days before the exam. All glory to the people that helped
me :D

And secondly, what did I do during the holidays? Online games, reading manga, drinking, day-dreaming, drinking, clubbing and drinking. Like the previous holidays, it's just full of drama and
emotions. Made me really sad at some point and I'm quite tired of it so I'm just so glad that the new semester started! Weeee. Forget all forget all! It's not the time yet!

Now, is it time for me to introduce this semester's subjects? Before that, have I mentioned that this semester's timetable is really, nooby? 6hours of lab on Monday, urgh... Furthermore, it feels like high school/pre-U. There's Bio, Chem, Physics and maths. =/

I'll start with, Biological Physics.
Argh. What can I say about this? It's Physics. No matter how you add Bio or change the name into some Biophysics kinda thing, it's still physics. And physics deals with vectors, graphs, calculations and many other funny equations. I'd say I already dislike this after opening to the first chapter of this book. Moreover, this book actually costs RM 269. WTF, seriously? Like hell I'd spent so much for a book that'll be on the table collecting dust. (Well, I made a copy of it though, shhh :D)

Secondly would be Chemistry : Energetics and Reactivity.

No matter how you look at it, it looks more like physics than chemistry. There's so many calculations and formulae. I'm going crazy just looking at the lecture notes. >.<" But no matter what, I'll still do my best. Chemistry is one of my strong subjects :D

Next would be, Statistics. This, is the textbook for statistics.
I bet you're making the WTF face right now. Like, LOL? This comical novel looking girly book is actually a statistics textbook? Michael Bulmer sure is ermm, bored. Haha. Ms Cheah did mentioned that last year 50% of the class got a grade 7 for this course, so I should be able to get it too.

Lastly, it's BIOL1040. Cells to organisms. Someone said, this course will have the weirdest, strangest, and funniest assignments. You wouldn't be able to find it any where else. So, meh. Hopefully I'll do as well as BIOL1020 last semester.
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MascuI-0ut - Protein stain remover

Subtitles by me:

Mum : Billy!

Billy : *gasp*

Mum : Not my favorite sweater~?!

Billy : *Shrugs*

Mum : I love my men, but when it comes to laundry, there's one thing I can do without. Protein Stains!

Mum : Those frustrating protein stains! Those embarrassing protein stains!

Mysterious man : You need new mascuI-0ut!

Mum : MascuI-0ut?

Mysterious man : Protein delivered at high velocity adhere to fibers. But mascuI-0ut crystals penetrate deep into fabric, to remove even the toughest protein stains.

Mum : Sounds great. But can I clean this protein stained sweater?

Mysterious man : Just look. We stain two identical sweaters with protein. Throw them into the hamper for 3 weeks. Then treated one with mascuI-0ut, the other with a leading brand.

Mum : The mascuI-0ut sweater is clean, but the other one...

Dog : *yum yum*

Billy : Mum! I got protein on my jeans.

Mum : You hit the shower mister, I'll grab the mascuI-0ut!

Mysterious man : MascuI-0ut. Protein stain remover. Shoot it in every load.

Copyrighted. Any re-using or plagiarism prior to obtaining permission from me will not be tolerated by me! Not like I can do anything but please give me credits :D
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I'm still drunk and feeling quite dizzy now when I'm writing this. But it's when I'm drunk that I'm able to express what I want to say. It's been awhile, since I last updated my blog. It's 5.20 am now.

I went to 2 pubs today, V and B. Went with a bunch of friends that I first met just today. Drank a lot. Thankfully, everything appears to be free. I was expecting, to be hit, and to hit. But nope, non of those happened. All I did was, sat there and witness my friends being hit. Ironically, the friend that claims to be there just for the environment, got hit by everyone. Such irony. But it couldn't be helped, he's awesome, I'm not. All I did was, nothing. I was merely, a decoration. Maybe, decorations are even more noticeable than me. It's not that I'm not grateful and appreciative to you guys. I did have fun. It was an experience that I never had before. But that feeling of being an extra, I did feel it before, many times. It's just so repetitive and there's this feeling of deja vu. Well, you people have been calling me anti-social and kept asking me to go out and socialize. So now I did, but apparently I'm just not good in it. What can I say? I blame God and genetics, and myself.

It's my pleasure, to be able to meet you people. You people are awesome. It's just me, that's not awesome. Thanks for putting it up with me.

Lastly, hopefully I don't get a hang over when I wake up >.<"
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