MascuI-0ut - Protein stain remover

Subtitles by me:

Mum : Billy!

Billy : *gasp*

Mum : Not my favorite sweater~?!

Billy : *Shrugs*

Mum : I love my men, but when it comes to laundry, there's one thing I can do without. Protein Stains!

Mum : Those frustrating protein stains! Those embarrassing protein stains!

Mysterious man : You need new mascuI-0ut!

Mum : MascuI-0ut?

Mysterious man : Protein delivered at high velocity adhere to fibers. But mascuI-0ut crystals penetrate deep into fabric, to remove even the toughest protein stains.

Mum : Sounds great. But can I clean this protein stained sweater?

Mysterious man : Just look. We stain two identical sweaters with protein. Throw them into the hamper for 3 weeks. Then treated one with mascuI-0ut, the other with a leading brand.

Mum : The mascuI-0ut sweater is clean, but the other one...

Dog : *yum yum*

Billy : Mum! I got protein on my jeans.

Mum : You hit the shower mister, I'll grab the mascuI-0ut!

Mysterious man : MascuI-0ut. Protein stain remover. Shoot it in every load.

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