Know where you stand
Whenever you're finding for a relationship, firstly please, know where you stand.

There are a few 'pantang-larang' and tips that might work that I made up by myself through experience.

This is just merely and purely for fun though, don't take it too seriously. :D

1. If the person you're aiming for is a high profile person, be very careful. They could be only messing with you. How do you know if they are high profile? Check their facebook. It's usually easy to detect. (Friends > 1k, every single status updates has many many comments and stuffs, having other high profile people in their friends list, common friends with lots of random and unusual people that even you yourself don't really know, and lastly your friends from other schools know them)

2. Know their friends. Usually you can know the type of person they are by getting to know their friends. If their friends are all retarded and plays around/sleeps around, you can start to take pre-cautions. It might be stereotypical but, sluts and the same kinds tend to flock together.

3. Does that person always text message someone else while hanging out/dating with you? Do you ALWAYS have to take the initiative to start the conversation? Do you ALWAYS receive 1 word text messages? If these happens, it's not a good sign. Be ready for anything.

4. Know yourself. Are you the of same kind? If you are, by all means, go ahead and play around, sleep around, fuck around and fuck yourself to hell.

5. Again, know yourself. Are you against all this crap? If you are, you can either muster your courage, tell that person and make that person stop all these for your sake or make him change through your dedicated love. This is, however, a risk. It usually wouldn't turn out to be good. I mean, which cat doesn't eat fish?

6. Be friends with his friends. You can extract lots of information from them. Who were that persons ex, how many times did that person had sex, this and that. This step is essential, unless you have fucking crazy faith in that person, which makes you a retard (like me).

7. If you find that person lying, don't burst his bubble yet. Try to make that person tell you. If that person refuses and die die also deny, fuck that person off.

8. If you found out that the person's going against all his words (I won't have sex with random people, I have self-dignity, I am single and only love you), forget that person. He's not worth your time.

9. If you're really cheated, go home, cry for 3 days and move on. These kind of people, are totally not worth your tears (Gui 2010)

In conclusion, try not to get your hopes too high up especially when you're dealing with high profile/elite/well-known people. They have so many other choices and targets, why the hell would they be loyal to you? Don't be silly. Find someone that's simple and has a great personality. Screw those well-known complicated emo sanafa cunts =D

And yeah I know it's easier to say than to actually do it yourself. I'm actually struggling myself when I'm typing this. I wonder if I can really do this. But no matter what, life goes on. "There are still many other fishes in this world" (Chin 2010)