Magical Tree Product

Money makes the world go round. One good example is Taylor's University College. It's making tons of money. So why's money so important? Some critics might say stuff such as "money can't buy you happiness". My reply to that statement is, you people don't have a brain (I'm already being very very polite). It's true that money can't bring you ALL types of happiness in the world, but it can certainly bring you MOST of the happiness in the world. Without money, can you be healthy? Without these magical tree products, is it possible for you to get married? To support your kids? To financially support your loved ones? To buy and pamper yourself and your loved ones? No, it's impossible. Do bear in mind that I'm not implying you should have 10 million $USD in your bank to be considered as having money. Back to the topic, why the sudden inspiration to talk about money?

Firstly, money can buy you health. Yes, it's true. Although not in all cases, but in most cases. For example, I'm having health problems. It's been a year now. I can't seem to at all rest properly. I'm terribly ill and mentally screwed up, and this is seriously killing me, especially this month, the peak of despair. Of course I went to a general doctor. Unfortunately, after having my blood, my urine and my whatever analysed and tested out, everything was negative. My blood sugar level, sodium level, potassium level and whatever that's essential are all perfectly normal. Nothing's wrong. But I'm very very sure, SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY AND ATROCIOUSLY WRONG! I've thought of going to a specialist, but I don't have the money. SEE! Money is really important! Without money, you can't even see a more luxurious version of a doctor. So I've been trying hard by taking in natural remedies, and hopefully it'll help. IF it doesn't, then yeah I'll have to see them this time. Right now, I doubt I can even involve myself in any simple sexual activities any more. Not that I have them a lot. Sex life ruined. See? That's the effect of lack of money. (Please don't ask me what problems I have, there's a reason why I'm not stating it here. It's not STD or any sexually related diseases, just so you know).

Secondly, without money, I can't visit 'there' or come back to Malaysia during my winter holidays to meet up with that person. That's just sad, because of such financial problems I couldn't visit my friends and that person during the winter break. Sigh, another point to reinforce that lack of money can deprive you of happiness.

Thirdly, without money I can't even get the stuff I want. For example, my phone. He doesn't want it any more. Now I'm stuck with it. I was so happy when I thought I could finally get another one that I like. Usually, I'll just go, OK nevermind. But this time, with everything and every shit accumulating and summing up, I couldn't help it but cry. I'm breaking apart. I feel like the world is against me, especially this month. ARGH!! What the BFH is happening?!

So in conclusion, money is important. Very important. Not more important than health and love, but without an adequate amount of money (not saying you should be a millionaire) it's hard to be VERY happy. At least it applies to me. You might have a different view and I totally respect that. On a side note, I'm writing this based on MY opinions and MY experiences. If you have a different point of view and would like to have a debate with me, feel free to let me know, and I'll make myself free to punch your face.