What do I think?

Simple Introduction
Eugenics, commonly known as the practice of removing undesired alleles from the human population is something that gives rise to ethical issues. This idea of perfecting the gene pool of humans was widely popular in the early 20th century, but was rejected and disfavoured after being abused by the Nazi. What the Nazi did was dreadful. Experimental studies on humans were conducted, harsh and forced racial hygiene were reinforced as well as extermination of a population of humans with undesired alleles. In simple terms, reproduction of a group of people with advantageous alleles is strongly encouraged while the reproduction of a group with deleterious or not so favourable alleles is persecuted. In a biological perspective, eugenics is also detrimental to the survival of the human species. Charles Darwin, a great naturalist that discovered and theorized natural selection states that in a population, genetic variability is definitely a must for the survival of a certain population. Without variation, a single calamity or a plague could easily wipe out the entire population of that particular species, totally eliminating the species' gene pool. By practising eugenics, there would be less and less genetic variation in the human population. Consequently, humans will be much more susceptible to new diseases and catastrophes.

You might be wondering why that happens. It's pretty simple. Some alleles could be deleterious in a certain environment. However, in a totally novel or different environment, it could be essential for the survival of that particular species. A classic example would be, the sickle-cell anaemia. A very common disease, I'm sure you people would have heard about it. This disease is an inherited genetic disease where the red blood cells are sickle-shaped (not all but some). As a result, you would expect that the rate of oxygen transport will decrease due to these non functional red blood cells. It is therefore easy to rule out that this condition is detrimental to the health and bears no benefits to the person. Despite that, this allele could be proven useful predominantly in Africa. In Africa, Anopheles mosquito carries a certain parasite in their saliva called Plasmodium. Plasmodium uses the mosquito as a vector to infect humans, causing them the infamous 'Malaria'. Plasmodium is a protist parasite that attacks mainly on the red blood cells. They infect the red blood cells, reproduce inside the red blood cells and finally lyses out of the cell, infecting more and more red blood cells. As a result, it causes sudden shivers and chills to the affected person. The semi-detailed life-cycle of Plasmodium is summarised in the diagram below. Since red blood cells are essential for the reproduction of this parasite, an anomaly in the red blood cells would deter the growth and reproduction of Plasmodium. Therefore, the survivability of people with the sickle-cell allele is much higher compared to healthy people without this allele in places with high occurrence of Malaria.
Fig. 1 - Diagram depicting the life-cycle of Plasmodium
Diagram taken from Campbell et al. 2008

Warning: For the following part, read only if you are prepared to get pissed from my childish and retarded ranting. It's very annoying, so only read if you want to annoy yourself.

What do I think about eugenics? (I'm ranting!!)
In my very selfish opinion, eugenics is okay. So what if bad alleles were removed? So what if people with gene defects gets persecuted? I don't give a flying Lulz. In fact, that would be better. It halts production of abominable failures such as me! So what if having less variation will cause humans to be vulnerable to selective pressures? One die, all die la. Mati sama-sama. Why aren't designer babies allowed or widely used in Malaysia? Because of ethical issues? You critics think that it is wrong to disrupt nature by altering genes? You noobcakes think that doing so will anger God and stuff? Well, fuck you. God doesn't exist. If God does exist with his hands directly on Earth, Earth would be a much better place. There wouldn't be so much suffering. If you truly are fair and square and cubical, why isn't your love distributed evenly? Why is it distributed like a normal curve, where some people gets shit luck, some with average luck and some super lucky and fortunate. Why? Reason? To laugh at us unfortunate ones? Never mind. I'm just ranting. I'm pissed. I'm terribly depressed. Why do I have to live in misery. Why in the flying lulz do I have to suffer from so many shit. WHY?! I don't feel human at all! I know what you people are thinking. "This boy doesn't appreciate what he has. Look at Africa, people are dying everyday, having not enough food to eat. And yet, this boy is complaining about his life". You know what? I don't give a flying crap about who's dying or who's not having enough food to eat. I'm just RANTING HERE!! I HATE MYSELF! FML!! I WANNA JUST DIE OFF!!! I can't even find anyone to talk to about this, not that I'm willing to talk about it at all to anyone...

God doesn't exist. If he/she/it exist, he/she/it is an asshole. My life sucks, terribly. I wish I can decide my own genes, or at least get my genes altered before I was born, or even not get born at all.

P.S. Don't flame me or preach me after this. Like I said, I'm just ranting.


Allele - Variation in a gene that codes for a certain trait
Gene Pool - Sum of all alleles of all individuals in a population
Protist - Unicellular organisms with a nucleus
Phenotype - The physical manifestation of the organisms genetic make-up
Natural Selection - A change in environment that favours a particular phenotype