September : Month of Total Despair
There's 4 things that's really bothering me this month.
For you people out there reading my blog, it's time to listen to my rants about my life again. =)

1 : As busy as hell.
It's been crazy this September. There's a huge BIOHORIZON project to do, and my group and I are suppose
to write an essay on neurodegeneration diseases, including power point slides and having an econference on the forums! The deadline is so near, and I'm having troubles writing it. We'll finish it up on time either way, it's just that the process of doing it is really stressful and exasperating.

Asides from that, we have this IS-IT Chemistry Research Task. It's almost like BIOHORIZON, just that it is on chemistry. And the deadline is the same as BIOHORIZON! I've barely started on it because everyone's so busy holidaying or doing their BIOHORIZON. Well, same goes to me.. I tend to ignore this first for BIO >.<"

Thirdly, there's a Physics mid semester exam right after holidays. Talking about WTF?! Another thing happening?! I didn't study at all ever since the beginning of the semester, there's no way I can fit Physics into my head with all the other tasks on hand! I'm as good as GG-fied!

To continue, Quiz 2 for Chemistry is OUT! Deadline's somewhere around 7th of October. Yeah, that may seem like a longggggg time for us to do, but again, with all the other assignments, I doubt it'll be easy. (Covers fully on 3 modules. Wait, we're not even done with module 2. Oh great!)

2 : Preparation to UQ

So yeap. Preparations! There's so many things I have to do, my father's been pushing me into doing them such as applying a visa, getting to know what kind of clothings I can bring, money, accommodation, passport, friends and stuff. Oh, and my air ticket is already pre-booked by Taylor's! Wow, efficient betul. We'll be going in a group, so yay! And to brag, for biotech students our first semester is completely, absolutely, sexually free!! It's only the living expenses that I should be worried about... But again, wo0t! (Biomed students get to go through 2 semesters for free though, jealous much)

3 : I still miss a certain someone

I know I know. It's silly. I'm suppose to let go and concentrate on my stuff. But I just can't help it. Like you said, it's my trait. I'm trying my best not to think of it though. But I really do miss you. So much =/ I really wish I can meet you at least once in a year during our holidays.. (Which is pretty much not likely since our summer breaks are totally antagonistic). Wishful thinking. Still. I'm not going to say much here, I believe I've expressed myself a lot in many other ways possible ha ha. Anyways... I wish you're happy there. You'll make friends, dummy. And maybe hopefully find someone you love... =)

4 : Stupidest Decision

I bought a new phone. Yay new touch screen phone, that's what I thought. But no, I'm just not used to it at all. The more I use it, the more sad I get and the more pissed I get. I mean, it's a 100% entertainment phone. Features include
a : Imba camera
b : Imba music
c : 8GB memory card
d : and etc
e : I bought it LESS THAN A WEEK!!

Ever since I bought it, I've never used the camera much, did not listen to music much and did not do much at all with the phone asides from texting and calling (Which is ALSO RARE). Thus, it's making me sad. Weird right? So I talked to my classmate HM. He seems to like the phone, he seems to like the camera and the music functions. So yay, I'm selling it to him, RM200 less than the original price. And SINCE he kept on screwing his earphones, I decided to add in an additional ear phone which costs RM80. All in all, I lost RM280! But it's okay, it's a lesson for me to not be such a retard to anyhow buy a phone with features I don't use much.

The hardest part was of course, to TELL my mum. It took me so much courage to go to her and start a conversation. I first went,
Me : Hey mum, ermm...
Mum : What? You hungry?
Me : Oh yeah! Of course.
Mum : Alright I'll make dinner. (Walks down to the kitchen)
Me : (Follows her down) Uhmm, mum, actually... the phone...
Mum : What about it?
Me : I think I don't like it... the more I use it.. the more I get sad.. I just can't get used to it...
Mum : (Shocked face as if I killed a cat) OMG, you're just plain weird, how come?!
Me : Well... I don't use the features much you see... and I'm not used to it. It's like wasting the phone.. I should get something with features that I can use.
Mum : What to do with your phone?
Me : I sold it to a classmate for RM200 less than the original price... (Put my hand in my pocket and took out RM200). Here, take it. It's my fault, thus it's my responsibility.
Mum : Nah it's okay. Just keep it. Just make sure your next phone is something you REALLLLLLYYYYYYY like! You should test it out first before you buy.
Me : Okay... but please do take the RM200. At least I won't feel so guilty.
Mum : Ok ok.

Whew. This time I REALLLLLLYYY should make sure I like that phone before I purchase it!