What should I do?
What should I do?
It's the last chance I have, my last opportunity.
I don't know, whether to be aggressive or just let whatever is suppose to happen occur effortlessly.
If I am bold enough to tell that person, I might get hurt so bad in return.
If I am brave enough to tell that other person, I might seriously be an asshole and stir up an unnecessary scene.
If I am to do nothing, I will just hurt myself.
If I were to do something without telling anything, again I'll be an asshole.
Either way, I'll hurt myself.
I don't know any more...
I guess I'll rather hurt myself than cause an entropy.
It's a decision that I'll definitely regret in the future, but it's for your good.
Don't want to sound so emotional, so I'll stop here lol. =) =)