Little frog in the net, clueless as to what lies ahead

Little did it know.. that people in white coats are...

About to send you to heaven... in a very eccentric manner..
By pithing... (It's absolutely ethical)

Firstly, a sharp and thin needle is probed into the soft spot at the end of the skull.
The soft spot is located in between the eyes of the frog.
The needle is then moved side to side to...
completely obliterate the brain..
You can feel the inside of the frog; the frog can't feel anything..
Without the brain, perception of any sensory phenomena is impossible.
The procedure will then move on to...
destroying the frog's spinal cord >.<"
In the end,
the frog will still look alive and continue to breath,
except that...
it wouldn't respond to anything you do any more
such as poking its eye or pinching its leg...

What happens next, is pretty obvious...
Minutes ago.. it was still croaking..

And now it is nothing but.. a collection of colourful organs lumped together...
The purpose of going through all these procedures and trouble is just to get this...

tiny piece of gastrocnemius muscle out for students like us to.. play around with!
Instead of appreciating the frog's sacrifice,
we played around by sending high voltages in 1000 pulses to the muscles,
causing the muscle to contract excessively and "chao gan" and then proceed to laugh at it.
No, seriously >.<"
Poor frog.
But you gave us crappy results,
gave us a hard time doing the lab report,
so screw you LOL!