3 Days of Hell

Day 1

The first day I went to the hospital, it was really boring and empty. The whole entire building was empty and scary. Even in my room, I was the only patient. It’s a double bed room. I did basically nothing on the first day, except for eating supper and hugging and chatting with my hunny in my room.

Day 2

I was supposed to fast from 7.30 am to 2 pm because I need to undergo an operation. I did of course, and it wasn’t easy. The nurse woke me up at 6.30 am just to feed me with a heavy breakfast. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I went into the operation room and got knocked out by the anesthetics. It was, quite fun getting knocked out.. LOL. The next thing I knew when the nurse woke me up was that I am already on the movable bed. Apparently, they stuffed tubes into.. weird places in my body. I shall not elaborate. The whole night was really really painful. I couldn’t sleep because the tube was hurting me. Furthermore, that fucking Indian boy beside me snored like a dinosaur for the entire day. 1 hour felt like 3 hours. Time passed so slowly. I was in fucking hell. Thankfully, my hunny came to see me. I was really in a shitty condition. I couldn’t move, couldn’t really speak clearly as well. It was my hunny that kept me going for the rest of the day. Without my hunny, I would have fuckin’ killed that piece of shit. Or maybe not.. But I’ll go nuts and start banging my head on the wall, or rather, bang HIS head on the wall.

Day 3

Day 3! Finally, time to be discharged. That’s what I thought. Apparently, my condition is worst than it seems. The doctor told me to stay for another day because my condition was crappy. I was so down and so depressed, filled with anguish and agony that I couldn’t even do anything but cry and stone on my bed. That’s when I called my hunny, to inform that I may not leave the hospital tonight. I just couldn’t stop crying. Finally, the tubes were removed. I can finally walk again, but it hurts a little. I thought I had totally forgotten how to walk since I’ve been bedridden since like, forever. Thankfully after lunch, my hunny came to visit again. I was so touched and happy that my hunny was there for me. It was you that kept me going. It was you that told me not to give up and pray for the best. It was you, that encouraged me and assured me how much you love me, no matter what happens. Thanks dear. I really love you so much. You were there for me when I was feeling really down. You are truly, amazing and awesome. Someone that I can throw my life away for. Right now, I’m currently at home typing this because I was given a leave. I am not officially discharged, I’m just having a holiday for a few hours. Hopefully the histology report tomorrow would be fine. I really don’t want to be in deep shit. I still want to spend the rest of my life with you hunny. Really. That is all for today. Exam results are going to be released in a couple of hours.Will post on them later if I feel like it.

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Inspired from a song

Love Who?

Who am I? Who should I love? I loved many.

I’ve always been standing at the road junction,

Should I turn left, or rotate to the right or even perhaps move straight?

No matter which path I choose to take, it will never be right.

I dare not face my true self until you finally appeared in my life and allow me to face my true self.

Even if I toss the whole world aside, I’ll never let you go,

You allowed me to gather and muster my courage,

Enough to shout and tell the whole world that I love you,

Even though this may make the world our enemy, I still have you.

We will forge our very own love story,

And work towards a perfect ending.

Though there may be obstacles in our way,

I believe that when we are together, we can obliterate and eradicate anything that perturbs our path towards happiness.

Love you always KV.


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Grades Prediction!

Grading system: Grading Matrix
Grading Matrix : 3 components
1. Communication
2. Knowledge
3. Practical

To get an A, I have to obtain:

Current results:

Communication - 5 components
1.Personal Response - B
2.Professional Response - B
3.Slides - B
4.Professional Discussion - A
5.Group work - A

Overall communication grade : B

Practical - 4 pracs
1.Osmosis - A
2.Action Potential - A
3.Skeletal Muscle - A
4.Plants - B

Overall practical grade : A

Current Grades : BA.

To get an A, I have only 1 option. Which is to get an A for the finals. Nothing less... Shyat!

50% course work 50% finals

Current results:
Course work - CMT(Online Quiz), Report, Practical
CMT - 18%
CMT obtained - 18%-6% = 12%
Practical - 20%
Predicted - 20%-6% = 14%
Report - 12%
Predicted - 12%-2% = 10%
Bonus marks - 1%
Total obtained - 12% + 14% + 10% + 1% = 37%/50%
Marks required in finals to obtain a grade 7 = 85%
85%-37% = 48% needed over 50% to get a grade 7
In simple terms, 96% or maximum 2-3 wrongs in the final paper.

Gave up lol. No hope liao.

PHYS1171 and STAT1201... totally unpredictable. Not that I really care also =/

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