Inspired from a song

Love Who?

Who am I? Who should I love? I loved many.

I’ve always been standing at the road junction,

Should I turn left, or rotate to the right or even perhaps move straight?

No matter which path I choose to take, it will never be right.

I dare not face my true self until you finally appeared in my life and allow me to face my true self.

Even if I toss the whole world aside, I’ll never let you go,

You allowed me to gather and muster my courage,

Enough to shout and tell the whole world that I love you,

Even though this may make the world our enemy, I still have you.

We will forge our very own love story,

And work towards a perfect ending.

Though there may be obstacles in our way,

I believe that when we are together, we can obliterate and eradicate anything that perturbs our path towards happiness.

Love you always KV.