Acceptance vs Rejection

Mum: After breakfast let's go get the medicine.

Me: Oh yes sure, ofcourse. Actually me and K went that day but need to pay. Waste time go there!

Mum: Oooh.

After 7 minutes of silence, while I was enjoying my pan mee:

Mum: So K, is K working?

Me: No, not yet. K is studying Engineering. Electronics to be precise. K repaired my computer before a. Next time got some problem can also ask K to help =D

Mum: Ohhh.. where is K studying?

Me: Somewhere far away that you won't know, but K is very smart o. Got scholarship from government.

Mum: Wa! So panai a?

Me: Well of course =)

Mum: You very close with K de?

Me: Of course. This April going to graduate d. Then going to work. Work as engineer sia.

Mum: Wa, really panai le.

Me: Ya. K is also a very very nice person lo. Treats me really well.

Mum: Like that good lo.

*Finishes my drink and walked off before she could ask me any more questions*