The First Time

The First Time

Warning: It’s all about me and that person

After eating my lunch and spending some time doing my revision, it rained. The smell of the rain reminded me of how we first met. I was on my way back from university that day and have just arrived at the LRT station. It was drizzling. Feeling a bit bored, I took out my phone and went to facebook zero. The first thing that caught my mind was a facebook msg from some random unknown with a really unique name. It is facebook zero so I couldn’t see your face but what I thought was that you were really polite and seems fun to talk to. Being really interested in you, the first thing I did when I reached home was to check how you look like and who you really are. Apparently, you do look kinda cute haha but unfortunately I was attached. No harms making more friends though. From that day on, we started chatting on msn every day, talking about random stuffs and about ourselves.

Those days were really memorable. The time we’ve spent together on msn before we actually met up was as precious as diamond. No words could describe how contented I was just by talking to you. I still remember you wanted to kidnap me and you openly asked for my handphone number. I willingly gave it to you though haha =)

On our very first date we were suppose to have buffet in an awesome restaurant but apparently the shop ‘zap lap-ed’ lols! And we actually went all the way to puchong just to eat in that place. In the end we ate noodles in some random restaurant but it was still awesome =) I still remember offering you my food. The look on your face was really priceless xD

After eating we went and kia kia around my housing area and ended up chatting in the park outside my house. We talked about so many things and do you still remember how I got freaked out by the bug? Haha. It was really fun talking to you. We click so well. The date ended with us hugging, me putting my head on your shoulder and you ‘forcefully’ kissing me. Thinking back really makes me happy. We’ve spent such a great deal of precious time together. I doubt there’s anyone in this world that is capable of giving me the same feeling anymore.

I know I’ve been writing a lot about you lately but I just couldn’t help it when you are so addictive and enthralling. I promise that I’ll always be there for you no matter what and I want you to know that our meeting is fated! Being together is our destiny. Everyone that’s reading my blog (which I know is extremely minimal), please be my witness.

That’d be all about you for now. A hundred posts wouldn’t even be enough for me to write if I go on and on about you. I wouldn’t want to scare people away =)