Next Semester Resolution
1. Attend Lectures
2. Sleep early
3. Sign up for a gym and workout!
4. Be more hardworking in improving myself physically (Physical appearance is important!)
5. More revision!
6. Not take stupid subjects
7. Learn to be independent, one is responsible for their own happiness
8. Being clingy and needy. A big no no from now on =)
9. Patience is a virtue. So gotta be more patient~
10. Stop flirting so much hahahaha
11. Spend more time with friends
12. Be more respectful to other peoples' opinion
13. Think more before I speak
14. Appreciate what I have
15. Realize the fact that people are different, be more understanding
16. Clean my room regularly
17. Pay my rent on time
18. Accept the fact that sometimes things are over and are not meant to be. Get movin with life lawl
19. Live life well!